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Truman's fateful 1951 decision. Did he get it wrong? Part 1

Harry Truman was known as a decisive man.    It had been his decision to drop The Bomb on Hiroshima and later Nagasaki, resulting in over 100,000 deaths.    Upon making the decision to drop the bombs he is said to have slept without a whimper.    Truman’s decisonmaking throughout his presidency was solid. The Marshall Plan, the saving of Greece, the abandonment of Taiwan, the firing of MacArthur.   These things all made perfect sense and were without question, the best thing to do.    As was his decision to stand and fight in Korea.   We all know how badly MacArthur underestimated the Chinese during his island visit with Truman on Wake Island.     From a Western point of view, his thinking made sense.     The Chinese Army at that time had nothing at its disposal.    Yet today we remember the thrashing the American forces took on its long retreat back past Seoul.   Now only a few months had elapsed since the UN Forces had finally reversed the retreat.   At about thi

American Media finally takes notice of Australia's dilemma

Earlier, I'd written about Australia here and in an even earlier post here . Now, its nice of the Washington Post to take notice .  Courtesy of its foreign affairs column. The Aussies are oh so aware of the vise gripping the destiny of their nation. Its not a heartwarming feeling to read your nation is nothing but an outpost upon the fringes of civilization, right?  The Australian People must quickly take whatever control of events they can, or else events will take control of them.   And whatever direction they choose, they must  not look back....

Son of Tiger Mom aka Momma's Boy

I see them everywhere.   Soft skin.   Lanky.   Quiet.   Unassuming.     Boringly modest.   Painfully lacking in self confidence.   Long since conditioned to doing as their told.   Sorely lacking an identity. And a few of them like my daughter. My oldest daughter, a high school student, once asked me if I would mind if she had a boyfriend.    One to have long since understood the impracticality of keeping my child away from the opposite sex, I simply put on my best stern face and said something silly like “we’ll wait and see”. But please God keep these momma’s boys of Tiger Mom away from my girl. I already know the type of boy my daughter will eventually marry; someone opposite of her of course.   Meek and docile for one.    Someone conditioned to listening to a woman. Scary thought indeed. I don’t want my girls to marry a robot. Unfortunately, we don’t have many non Chinese friends.   Thus my children mingle quite a bit with their Chinese peers.   I obvio

Scorned China Wife's latest idea......

Awhile back I wrote a post on why ChinaMan Cheats.   To me it made perfect sense.    Marry too early, fall out of love, find someone else.   I also dumped on ChinaGirl.   No knowledge of men, always thinking her man is out and about, with somebody else by his side.     Now the NY Times has gone out and done us all a great service.   Actually published an article about an apparently growing industry within China aimed at just this social dilemma that is oh so common.   While this is a social issue in every country on the planet, China is the only place I know of to have taken it to this level.     An opportunity for China Wife to get her man back.   For a hefty fee, these consultants will strive with all their greedy heart to not just run off YOUR MAN’S new found love but to even bring him back to the nest. The spurned lady has her man back, the company collects its fee, and all is well.   Now if you will just excuse me for a moment, I need to go find a place to laugh in