American Media finally takes notice of Australia's dilemma

Earlier, I'd written about Australia here and in an even earlier post here.

Now, its nice of the Washington Post to take notice.  Courtesy of its foreign affairs column.

The Aussies are oh so aware of the vise gripping the destiny of their nation.

Its not a heartwarming feeling to read your nation is nothing but an outpost upon the fringes of civilization, right? 

The Australian People must quickly take whatever control of events they can, or else events will take control of them.   And whatever direction they choose, they must  not look back....


  1. Australia has a Dutch Disease related to minerals/commodities. Its brutally obvious in terms of the China relationship They need to diversify more. This is a general economic problem for them, and they do recognize it. The problem is the population is too small. They need more immigration, but that is not politically possible. So they are in Catch-22. At this point, they probably just hope that India and/or Indonesia finally fulfill their potential and thus create other huge markets nearby for minerals besides China.

  2. Thx for the comment.

    Immigration you say?

    Australia is very attractive to Chinese. Great place to launder/hide money/buy real estate. I think Australia is endanger of going the way of Vancouver.

    Of course, if I had lots of money in the bank and was single....that's probably where I'd want to live.

  3. Your post comes in at an interesting time;

    This scandal started with an improperly disclosed donation from a Chinese source of just $1800 AUD. No doubt there are escorts in Sydney that would charge more than that. Really pathetic unless of course the money trail runs deeper than that.

    I wonder how much The White House/ Langley/ The Pentagon values the security/ intelligence relationship between AU and USA. If you gives truly do need us then I could foresee some covert ops to highlight more scandals in the future. It's no secret that many politicians from both major parties have been informants to the CIA in the past, these kinds of relationships would be more valuable to your intelligence community than ever.

    As much as I have disliked American Foreign policy in the past I much rather be with the devil I know than the devil I don't.

  4. Well said. Well said indeed. Keep your "frenemies“ close. A bit surprised Australia does not ban foreign donations. I wouldn't be surprised if the NSA has all sorts of numbers bugged and the CIA all sorts of sources. China probably does, too. Australia may quickly be becoming a surrogate battleground.


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