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Good luck with that

I thought this blog would get views.  I didn't know how many.  It's been up and down.  I think I started writing this in 2012.  I enjoy it. I try and stay regular. I thought I was on to something.  Then I saw what was happening on Youtube.  People like me "talk" about China and get a zillion views.  Incredible.  But let me put that aside for the moment.  If we remember, China likes to dictate the narrative. We all do.  Not just all countries but humans too.  In our job, at home with our wife, with all our personal interactions. Youtube however has really changed the ability of Nations, of a Government Party, to do that.  It has titled the playing field from in favor of Governmental Authority to the Little Guy.  That is, anyone who has a voice can make a video.  And pretty much spout any views about any subject they may have.   We as democracies are used to that.  We are chaotic,  and as such learn to tolerate, albeit very slowly, the views

"You're too old for this!"

I have realized only belatedly that I do indeed have a somewhat healthy sex drive. I am middle aged. Good shape.  And I confess to very much like sex.  And I think my skills have "aged" rather nicely, thank you very much. I have a youthful vigor, and a youthful outlook.  I'm not ugly but yeah lack of sleep has given me bags under these blue eyes.  But "I travel well", so to speak.   I do not look my age. My wife is nicely endowed and just shocked the hell out of me by doing pushups, and doing them right.  She is very pretty and doesn't, in my view, look her age either.  I like her fashion.  She is "fair".    That is, she criticizes both China and America. Does the China Wife in your country do the same? Is she "fair" to both France and China?  Australia?  Brazil? I find the only statistic that matters is that quite frankly, there are far, far, far more Chinese coming here, living here, staying here, than Americans going there,