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Trump's Red Guards

 Surely I wasn't the only one to see the similarity? What did Mao say in 1966?  炮 打 司令部 ? Also known as "bombard the headquarters".  It is a famous phrase in Chinese.  Albeit very awkward sounding in English.  As such, as this translation came out before any other, we are stuck with it.  In effect, Mao was inciting the masses to overthrow his enemies using the brainwashed youth to do his bidding.  Many a brilliant Chinese leader did nothing.  Liu Shao Qi, Zhou En Lai, and even Deng Xiaoping.  Considered without question the most capable Chinese Communist Leaders of all time.  Today, by some they would be considered enablers.  Paralyzed by their fear of Mao.  And just as much as by his unpredictability.    The time to rein Mao in had long come and gone.  Afterall, hadn't China attacked American forces in Korea not long after America had tried to negotiate a cease fire between Mao and Chiang Kai Shek?  Hadn't Mao been on friendly terms with the Americans towards the

When you know your country is really in decline....

In the 1800's, an English reporter came to the United States.  Most of Europe of course looked upon America as a vast land of opportunity.  They were also fascinated with the Native American.  While not brushing over the brusque treatment all of them received at the hands of the American Government, said reporter simply made a simple but to the point observation;   The Indian could not just keep America as a pleasure ground.  Well.....the Native Indian still lives on, many a tribe now rich off their ability to own and operate casino's throughout the land.  But the pleasure ground concept is alive and well.  And if one looks closely it is alive and well in your country as well.  Especially if you are French, or Italian, etc.  Often I've complained of America as nothing more than a nation of Amazon warehouse workers.  Want a steady job?  Isn't there an Amazon warehouse near you?  America in my view has become clearly stratified, and not necessarily for the bad.   All our