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China Can't Walk in America's Racial Shoes

While I struggle with two future posts at the moment, one of which may never see the light of day, it’s all so easy to just stop and write about something easier. So let’s talk about Race in America. And if the mood hits, Democracy, too. But my story takes a brief detour through Nanjing, Christmas Eve 1988.    A few Africans were bringing some Chinese ladies to a party.   A security guard, thinking the only way a Chinese Lady would be with an African Male was if she was a prostitute, refused her entry.   And just like that Anti Black riots ensued for the next several days.   No one was killed.   No guns apparently fired.   After all it is always easier to write about a subject when one’s passion rules the day.   And yet while writing this I felt the need to stop for a few days to further reflect.   Some topics cannot just be pounded out.   For several days I’ve sat. Wondering where this way overdue post will take me. Right now I’m quite positive that China’

The Chinese Condition and Lebensraum

You know that when a post starts with an infamous German slogan nothing good will come of the intent. We know only too well of the stubborn drive of the Chinese Regime towards its neighbors in Southeastern Asia.   A stealthy force composed not so much of warships but of a paramilitary fleet of Coast Guard and fisherman. In the past I’ve always thought any accident to occur would be from some reckless fighter pilot unable to withstand the pressure of constant contact and patrol.   Guilty of being Human and allowing some mental slip to escalate two nations into possibly open conflict. Now I think that may very well less be the case.   I find it more likely now it may simply come more from the Malaysian or Indonesian Navy simply getting into a shooting war with the Chinese Coast Guard. But this is simply a side thought of mine today and nothing more. We are all well versed in the sense of Chinese Manifest Destiny.    The Destiny of China to regain its lost form an

Truman and 1951: Conclusion

One could not blame Truman for deciding to accept Russia’s armistice proposal in 1951.   Truman could see this war lasting a long, long time.   China had shown an ability to put a seemingly infinite number of troops into the field.    And China had shown an ability to take massive casualties on a seemingly unlimited basis. Truman was being practical.    Right? Still Truman’s thinking was not only dominated by what China could do, but clouded to the real situation on the ground.   A situation he and his top military advisors knew all too well, but stubbornly refused to admit or concede. The UN Forces were winning in Korea.   They had the upper hand.    They had the Chinese and North Korean forces on the run.     China’s lack of everything else, even rice for its soldiers, more than outweighed any advantage gained in manpower.    Does one really think the Russians would have been first to the table if the Chinese felt they could win?   This one action more than any