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The Heavenly Kingdom has a take

( You didn't think I'd wouldn't allow China "to respond", did you?   I'm not that kind of person....I think.) The West is uncouth and paranoid about China.   Simple as that.    You are insecure.   You swear a lot.      You are young.    America especially.   You have 200 years of what?   What?   Nothing.   You need to know your place, understand that to us your history, your culture is nothing.   You want every country to be just like you, and it will never happen.     Every nation you have tried to “help” has descended into chaos and anarchy.   Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, to name a few.    I want you to leave.   I want you all to leave, and never come back.   I don’t want you here.   We in China have a saying 为中洋用。   For the benefit of China take from the West.    This has been the case since the time of Cixi.      Bring your factories.   Build them.   Leave.    We will operate them, copy you, than build our own.    We will cont

What Uncle Sam only wishes he could say....but never will

( As natural frustrations between two influential nations comes to the fore, things remain left unsaid, in the name of maintaining harmony.  Below are a few, from the point of view of America towards of course The Middle Kingdom.  But methinks any Western nation would suffice. ) Ban all Chinese students from going to Harvard…or Yale….or Stanford….or any prestigious school period.   Face it, it’s much easier for you to prepare a college admissions essay than it is for one of my own citizens.    The definition of Liberalism is when I treat a foreigner better than I do my own people.   When I give more opportunity to YOU, then I do to someone born HERE.   (You’re welcome) My Young, American, aspiring to be, Ivy Leaguers can’t “fake” an admissions essay, or a transcript, or most damning of all, even a letter of recommendation.    I know plenty of kids that get near perfect SAT scores here in America, along with a high GPA, who can’t get into an Ivy League schoo

The Rapid Vanishing of the Great Facade

(I’ve got 3 or 4 more posts planned. I’m in a bit of a rush to get them out because I know within the next few weeks I will be unable to write so freely.   Sorry for the serious post, but sometimes we need to understand the world around us and be made aware of what is happening in the South China Sea.     It’s historic, and very precedent setting. I've struggled with this a bit.  China takes over some islands.  So what?  Seriously..WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL?  Than I realized the Big Deal is that China, if it is allowed to handle disputes with its neighbors one on one, rather than as a part of a larger body of  nations, that it will pretty much be able to get its way, and do whatever it wants, when it wants.  Unless another, equally big and powerful country intervenes. Thus the below. I’ve been working on the below for a full week.   I realize it’s not well written or organized.   I just ran out of time, and I’m still bothered by the fact my Pulitzer has not fou