The Heavenly Kingdom has a take

(You didn't think I'd wouldn't allow China "to respond", did you?  I'm not that kind of person....I think.)

The West is uncouth and paranoid about China.  Simple as that.   You are insecure.  You swear a lot.  

 You are young.  

America especially.  You have 200 years of what?  What?  Nothing.  You need to know your place, understand that to us your history, your culture is nothing.  You want every country to be just like you, and it will never happen.   

Every nation you have tried to “help” has descended into chaos and anarchy.  Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, to name a few.  

I want you to leave.  I want you all to leave, and never come back.  I don’t want you here.  We in China have a saying 为中洋用。  For the benefit of China take from the West.   This has been the case since the time of Cixi.    

Bring your factories.  Build them.  Leave.   We will operate them, copy you, than build our own.  
We will continue to dangle in front of you our market as a source of profit.  We will allow you to sell us shampoo.  Nothing more.  

Taiwan.  We want Taiwan and we are willing, more than willing to shed a lot blood to get it back.   History will only focus on the result.  Why can’t you just look the other way?  If the American Navy was not present I would be more than willing to sacrifice a million soldiers to get it back.

We are the natural leaders of Asia.  It does not matter what the rest of Asia thinks.  It just doesn’t.  We shall either bribe them with our money or lead them through intimidation.  This is called modern day tribute.  

We hate relying upon the West.  Can’t you tell by the number of misspelled English language signs we have?  This should tell you volumes about what we think of you.    Someday you will all learn Chinese anyway.

Nor would I allow foreigners to marry Chinese.  Your values do not agree with ours.  I have plenty of Chinese men that need women.  They will suffice.

As regards the American Navy we want you to go away.   You are not Asian.  You do not look Asian.  You do not know, comprehend or care about Asian(re: China) values.    As soon as you leave, we will do the same to both South Korea and Japan.     We will make all the South China Sea our lake.  We will fish it, too.  Right up to the shores of any nation we want.  Because you will be gone. 

Dominating Asia is our destiny. 

If up to me, I would pillage Tokyo.  And I would bring plenty of salt.  

Unlike The West,  I never forget.  Nor do I "turn" the cheek.  I lust for revenge.  My Face, My Memory calls for it. 

You like to say we have an inferiority complex. We do not.  We just believe the West should mind its “place”.  And your “place” is not here.   

Our greatest wish is to rewind 250 years back to the time of the Qing.   China was the greatest nation on Earth.   China would have been even better if the Communist Party was in charge.   If the Communist Party ruled China in the time of the Qing we would have been able to keep the foreigners out.  Keep you out!

Mao was indeed flawed, but we can never admit it.  70% right and 30% wrong is our story and we’re sticking to it.   Never mind the reality.   Still, we were wrong not to retire him at Lushan.

As for those islands we are building, they are already ours, and we will never give them back.   The West is simply too civil, and preoccupied to actually fight over mounds of dirt that jut from the Sea.   

We are not.  

In sum, please keep listening to what we “say” and not what we “do”.   Because we will never stop.   

We will never negotiate, we will never compromise.  .  You cannot stop the determination of a billion Chinese.   


  1. If China were honest, this is what it would say: We want things both ways. Starting with, you must respect and be in awe of us because we have a 5,000 year history. But you may not criticize us because we are a new country and are still developing. Also, when your businessmen come here, they must go to an expensive Chinese restaurant. And when our businessmen go to your country, you must take them to an expensive Chinese restaurant. You foreigners should be ashamed and punished for what you did to our country and people when we were weak, Except for the foreign Mongols, who, when they took over our weak country, also took over Tibet, which makes it ours now so stop bothering us about it. You must treat China as a great country, but ignore the fact that so many Chinese want to leave China, get their money out of China, have their children be born in your countries, or, at the least, send their children to school in your countries. And you dirty foreigners have horrible hygiene with your sit-down toilets, while we are much cleaner as we shit, piss, and spit wherever we want. China is a great county, you must admit (look at our modern international cities), except for 90% of the landmass we call the "west" where people are still from "the countryside" and you can't expect much from them. We are a country designed to protect its people. Look at our flag with the one large star (the Communist Party) which protects the other four stars, except for the intellectuals which we humiliated (mistakenly) during the Cultural revolution, the farmers who we devastated during collectivization and the drive for making more steel, the workers who are losing their "ironbowl" jobs and can't afford to live in the cities; businessmen and/or soldiers (depending on your interpretation) they are doing alright. Ignore our lack of a retirement plan--that's what children are for. And our appalling orphanages which are home to deformed boys and girls (feel free, Westerner, to adopt one) or abandoned girls. Yes, we Chinese (men) treat our women so well, assuming they aren't aborted at a sickening rate, killed at birth, abandoned when young, beaten without being punished by the law because men must have control of the household, or if they are unmarried and over 27 or successful in their own right or don't have great bone structure. Then we just write them off as non-persons. Yes, China is a great and honorable country, you must always say this publicly. But if you want anything, remember to slip the red envelope under the table.


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