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We must all have a second job

Well, I'm having quite the spell.  I didn't realize I'd gone two whole weeks without a post until yesterday.  And you know what?  I didn't feel bad in the least. But I do apologize.  Last week we were on a family trip, and this weekend I'm off yet again to China  until the end of October.   I will try like hell to get another post off before the weekend but don't count on it. As for this post, this is my second go around.  My old trusty laptop just died on me a page into my new post, forcing me to retreat beyond the cocoon of my safety blanket onto a desktop(!) of all things. At least the post I will try and write today won't need the typical 4-5 days of preparation before posting! This is a post I've been wanting to put out for the last few days or so.  What is my issue? China Wife complains I don't make enough money.  And I hate it.  I resent her for it. I admit I've spoiled China Wife.  In the past I made enough and then some. And