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Lushan 1959. The terrible Ifs Accumulate.

The overall moral character of the Chinese Leadership in 1959 reflected poorly on those people in that room, on that day.   Rather, a strong sense of self preservation pervaded the atmosphere.   A great moral failing.   An inability to decide what was best for the Country.   Cowardice.     If one were to dwell on the subject for a moment, would not the character of China’s leaders in 1959 strongly resemble the moral character of those today?   Ironically enough, one would like to call these people the Chinese version of America’s forefathers.    But it doesn’t quite add up. George Washington was perhaps the wealthiest man in America in 1776.   To date he still ranks as America’s wealthiest president.   Did any of China’s leaders sacrifice as much?   It seems most of China’s financiers and wealthy rather just fled to Taiwan, or Long Island. What if one person had stood up in that room, on that day, and called out Mao?    You would be tempted to say, “Fontenot, stop thinking

Lushan. 1959. What if? Part One

Once upon a time, Chairman Mao really was once a mortal.    Better yet, first amongst equals.   There was a time when other leaders could stand up to The Chairman.   Without fear of punishment. Or retribution. They could offer up alternative points of view, discuss their supposed disagreements, than go home without fear of being arrested, sent to the countryside, or beaten up by a bunch of student thugs.   While this window was starting to close even before 1949, it was still a tad bit open in 1959. An incisive thinker would perhaps ask why the window of “open dissent” had not widened, rather than narrowed, during the time of the 50’s?    After all, had not China suffered a million casualties during the 抗įžŽæ´æœ war?    What leader could stay in power after that?    Well, an Asian leader could.   (look at Ho Chi Minh during the Vietnamese War…..never ever fight an ignorant Asian populace run by a dictator…democracies cannot win) The Korean War in effect was a colossal error

Memo to China Wife

I see verbalizing things to you is….well isn’t a very productive exercise.    You are so ingrained to Your Way, full speed ahead, that quite frankly I kinda feel you do not think it valuable to register what I’m saying.  Chinese women can be like battleships smashing through a flotilla of gentle sailboats.   You fit this case.   A lot of your friends do too, actually.    Yet while all I can do is ignore them…tease them…than walk away, I do not sleep with them.   I do not raise my children with them.   Alas, I do both of these things with you. This gives me the Power of Grievance.    Which I take seriously.   Perhaps it’s time for a written reminder of what you do not think is worth listening to.    As you are Chinese, I felt it proper to begin in the kitchen.   I’m thinking this is the quickest way to gain your attention. The large watermelons have to go.     Seriously, what is up with you and all these damn watermelons?   You act as if you’ve never seen one befo