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It is just not in our DNA

 So here we are Christmas Eve, 2021.  The same situation as I was in last year.  Let me explain. This time last year my former dumbass boss got Covid.  He went to a church gathering or something and just like that came down with it.  My ofc was next to his, and though I felt horrific, I tested negative. Meanwhile,  the guy on the other side of me caught it.  With a newborn in the house to boot.  So now it turns out this year my youngest apparently has it, too.  Probably.  She took a rapid test and it came out positive.  We have no clue as to how she got it.  From me?  Her social animal China Mom?  Her social animal sister? No idea.  But I do know we spent three hours in a covid line yesterday.   So now China Wife and oldest are watching Home Alone again, and as I'd rather watch a Korean Zombie movie, I'm here writing this.  I'm writing this because I'm pissed off.  I'm upset that nearly two years into this I'm still having to wear a mask.  Meanwhile I'm amaz

China doesn't miss me

 Hi Folks.  It's been two months.  The sad thing is I haven't thought much about this blog, in the least.  Last week I logged in probably 55 hours in the office.  Not counting the fun commute on three interstates.    And now I'm finally on vacation.  Even so, it has taken me a few days to take care of errands and rest up a bit.  I don't miss getting up at 630 in the morning.  At all.  Today I only woke up when my alarm clock did.  930 in the morning.   So now I have some random thoughts before I start posting again. I miss China.  I do.  I miss China very much so for the wrong reasons.  I wonder if I will "age" myself away from all the "Vice" that China represents the Western Man in China?  I believe I will.  China on the other hand seems to be "just fine" without us.  Very much so.  I think someday those few laowai in China during these strange days will write books of their experience.  Today I know of only one laowai, a Russian of course