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Why are Chinese Women so bad at choosing laowai husbands?

I've come across many Chinese women that have married laowai. Some are happy. Many are not. As a crazy man married to a China Wife for a few decades now,  I've seen my share of unhappy marriages.   I'd love to talk about the many unhappy Chinese marriages themselves, but that would not be an exclusive club.  Many Americans are in unhappy marriages, Canadians, French, etc.  It is just part of life.  People grow apart.  I find the number of women however in unhappy Chinese marriages, with Chinese men however, to be proportionately higher.  I do Alas, this is not the topic of this post.  And I've probably already written about it.  I'm closing in on 400 posts......I'd have to go back and look for it. Instead, I want to talk about why in my view so many Chinese women have trouble finding the right laowai for them. My answer is not language.   Sure, it would be great if many a Laowai could speak Chinese.  But doesn't many a Chinese Wife speak English