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"None of my Chinese friends like you"

What's that China Wife?  You mean your friends? You mean the ones that have lived here forever and can’t speak more than a few sentences of English?    Or are you referring to the group that doesn’t know what American food tastes like?   You know the types…. Maybe you are referring to those living behind those tall, forbidding, high gates that “are in business”? Wait!   Perhaps you are simply thinking of those from “Bei Da” or QingHua” right?   The smug looks on their faces when they see our daughters competing against theirs.    Those with the knowing nod that communicates   something like, “Those bastard children can’t keep up with ours”, followed by that all so discernible scoff and condescending glint in the eye that only Satan would love. I’m confused…. Oh but I bet I’m missing someone else aren’t I?   Is it that vast, wide swath of female friends of yours, bored and full of instant innuendo whenever something remotely “interesting” takes place am

Husband of Tiger Mom issues a bill of rights

I have the right to shop for groceries where I see fit, without ridicule from you.   If I choose to shop at Wal-Mart and forego upper middle class Whole Foods that is my choice.    WM is cheap.   WF is not.    They both sell the same ketchup, right?   Besides,  "organic food" is sooooo overrated.  I have no problem mingling with “lower class” individuals, and a deal is a deal.   I wish you could get over your allergy to poor people.     It’s disgusting.    I have the right to randomly assign summer homework to the children as I see fit, without either asking for your permission or having to explain to you what it is.   They are my blood, case closed. Speaking of which, Husband of Tiger Mom has the right to "question" whether you are giving the children too much homework or not?  Especially during the summer.  No, your disdainful "look" will not intimidate me.  Your shrill 90 second rant challenging my right to ask this question will not shrink

With bemused weariness I look on.

After General Ulysses Grant ended his American Presidency in 1876, he toured the world.   It was at this time that he met perhaps Germany’s “greatest German”, German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck.   They had a brief conversation, excerpts of which went like this: Bismarck: What always seemed so sad to me about your last great war was that you were fighting your own people. That is always so terrible in wars so very hard."    Grant:   "But it had to be done, Then we were fighting an enemy with whom we could not make peace. We had to destroy him. No convention, no treaty was possible only destruction." Bismarck: "It was a long war, and a great work well done and I suppose it means a long peace." Grant: "I believe so.” This week I’ve been reading through various social media, and China Nut I am, it goes without saying that the South China Sea Question is a hot topic.    Many questions on this topic are written by Chinese of course, and