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Sex with China Wife: Redux

I need to talk about this again. China Wife simply doesn't want sex anymore.  With the realization I have a fairly high sex drive, on top of the fact I have a crazy work schedule, I am increasingly finding the need to "decompress".   My coworker told me to go hit a sandbag.   Fortunately, I have a pool in the back which helps, along with my semi-regular exercise, all of which help me quite a bit. But hormones are hormones, and I find myself not slowing down at all.  Of course memories of my past life in China do not help me. Still, I must wonder how long this New Normal with China Wife will last?  I'm afraid forever.  My sexual interest in my wife is a positive thing, do not get me wrong. China Wife is very happy I still find her attractive.   China Wife has a great body, and is not fat at all.  She is a pretty person, and well endowed. She is in awe of the fact I am still sexually attracted to her, which I am.  However, I am a bit saddened by my wife's la

Why China Wife is so nice to me

I've noticed a change in China Wife. She is happy. She teases me a bit more.  Jokes around a bit more.  Even washes dishes! Never tells me when to go to bed, or when to wake up.  Never asks me what I'm doing, or tries to make me "earn my pay". She has changed. During this Pandemic, this bad time in America, I'm one of the lucky few with a good job.  I have many direct reports, and a good boss.  He and I are "aligned"(knock on wood).   Make no mistake, while I'm currently grounded from going to China, have lost my frequent flier status, and  pretty much been unable to visit suppliers anyway, I'm still putting in 65 hours a week, frequently not going to bed until the early morning hours, until my team in China is already halfway through a typical day. In short , I feel not so much overwhelmed as overworked.  Certainly no time to write a blog. And China Wife is happy. Within her own world, that is how it should be.  Within her own mi