Sex with China Wife: Redux

I need to talk about this again.

China Wife simply doesn't want sex anymore.  With the realization I have a fairly high sex drive, on top of the fact I have a crazy work schedule, I am increasingly finding the need to "decompress".   My coworker told me to go hit a sandbag.   Fortunately, I have a pool in the back which helps, along with my semi-regular exercise, all of which help me quite a bit.

But hormones are hormones, and I find myself not slowing down at all.  Of course memories of my past life in China do not help me.

Still, I must wonder how long this New Normal with China Wife will last?  I'm afraid forever.  My sexual interest in my wife is a positive thing, do not get me wrong. China Wife is very happy I still find her attractive.   China Wife has a great body, and is not fat at all.  She is a pretty person, and well endowed.

She is in awe of the fact I am still sexually attracted to her, which I am.  However, I am a bit saddened by my wife's lack of sexual prowess.  Or open mindedness.   Or just plain lack of interest. Again, I cling to the "Child of the 80's" mantra as my excuse.

I know I'm fairly decent in bed myself, and have had multiple women tell me that.  But that is simply not important now.   China Wife is one of the prettier Chinese women in our community that I know, if not the prettiest. China Man is forever trying to figure out how "she" wound up with "me"? So what am I complaining about?

Sex with China Wife would be so much more enjoyable if she would just have an open mind.  Trust me she doesn't.   It's quite frustrating.  Now Sex is one -two times a week.  And China Wife has figured out she needs neither man nor sex.   She would be quite content if my 小弟弟 never spoke to her 小妹妹 again.

The ironic thing is China Wife is quite the extrovert.  She loves the 3 hour calls with her friends, the get togethers, the socializing.  One would think she would "love" sex.  Uh-uh.

As such I feel myself wasting away.   Yes, these are all normal problems couples have. Meanwhile, I know there are others out there like me.  One of my China Wife's friends has turned herself into the company slut.  She has dated not one of her fellow co-workers in her department, but two!   These are people that all sit within feet of each other in the office everyday. Yes, she is Chinese.

I've forced myself to go back into memory, searching for others like me, that I've "dated".   I found one.  A very quiet and conservative lady from Jilin.  I'm not sure why she did not marry.  But she loved fucking me.  Couldn't get enough.  And she never said "no".    Our sex was so passionate we once fell off the bed having sex.   A few times we never even made it to the bedroom.  We made love  in more than a few positions and even I am too embarrassed to tell you what she sexually performed on me that others would not.

In short, she and China Wife are a million miles apart socially, and in outward personality.  Who is best in bed? Everyone would guess wrong.

I do not feel guilty for having an active sex drive.  Not at all.  Nor do I feel guilty for doing what I can to satisfy my drive.  Nor is it my intent to demonize China Wife.  In the clearest personal terms, it is the challenge of my time.   I once thought being active enough during the day would cure me of my "ills".   Unfortunately it doesn't work that way.

I once went to the amusement park with my girlfriend.  We were out all day. Then we came back and I wanted sex and her eyes were as big as saucers, "aren't you tired?" she asked me in her exasperated Chinese.   But the sex was great.  Once we went hiking.   Hiking in China is not very fun, because it's all concrete, and lots of people are around.  Same result.

So I've decided at the end of the day to just "live with it".  Simple as that.  My goal is sex with China Wife twice a week.  Knowing damn well I'm gonna have to "con" my way into the second episode.  Knowing damn well every China Guy in the county envies my position, and thinks I'm the luckiest guy in the world.



  1. This is so true, a man can not forget his time in the middle kingdom.

    Most of them loved more rounds, few girls said please stop I can not take it, I am so sore. But there was a girl, I rejected. A life long regret of mine. Being young and inexperienced, did not understand what kind of girl am leaving behind.

    Was in relation, young and blindly in love, few days before we just had marriage talk with Chinese father in law. I put money on table (a lot, and I just turned 25 for God sake). Fiancee was so satisfied, so happy. No one thought i have so much savings. She gave me a great sex. Maybe cause of it, or cause she knew i will hit bars with guys next days. First time anal with her and whole night of rounds. She went off to the work in the morning, while i slept over whole afternoon and hit my buddy home early that evening.

    Did not plan it, but this girl, in her very early 20s, with tall tight body, keep chatting with me. I was so tired from work, marriage traditions, all i want is to chill and have my beer. But she kept coming back to our table. Smart girl, with every hour, I was more drunk. And i still did not get it. She said directly oh why are all good guys taken, my girls really like you. I grab her ass, few minutes later we are making out in taxi on the way to hotel. Usually they play shy card all to the hotel. But not this one.

    What a wild girl. Decent educated lady at first, but in real biggest slut i have ever met .Before breakfast she wants one more round. Now am getting hardly hard. My dick feels sore.Is painful. After breakfast, she wants more. It is almost afternoon, grab phone and see 15th calls from fiancee. Here is terrible hangover with guilt. But she wants more. She begs, and says please take my number, I do not care about your gf, you are safe with me.

    Last time I was china, was like 5 years ago. You have frequent business trip. A trip which make man heart pumps. I need this too. So much

    1. Yes, you are of course correct. I think all laowai miss that part of China when they leave. To pretend this aspect of Chinese life did not exist is to lie. Yet when we talk about it we are called bad people. Hooking up with Chinese girls is part of the China Experience that one cannot talk about in "polite society". It's silly. It makes everything else you know about China illegitimate. In the end, sex and booze became a "hollow life", with no meaning. Until I finally met someone I could not forget. Maybe someday I will talk about her. Thank you for writing!


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