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Knock yourself out..... Part 2

There is nothing to fear. Made in China 2025 isn’t a threat.   Nor is it a back handed plan to rule the world “with Chinese characteristics”.   The Press simply want a story.   But truth of the matter is….it is also supplying a demand.    A demand for a scapegoat.   Something to allow America to feel better about itself.   To better explain away the surely felt (wrong or right) decline of America as an Empire.   Both inside and outside this country.   Lazy intellectualism?   Of course. Hint of truth?   Absolutely. The Rise of China, while simply taken for granted in Europe and elsewhere (and considered a fait accompli in Australia), is looked upon with fear and apprehension in America.     Perhaps America is behind the curve.   While the rest of the world has little to lose, America does, albeit in its own sense of prestige.   Europe and Africa, etc all see the Rise of China as inevitable.    In a way it’s just common sense.    America has a hard time exceptin

One dredged island at a time

When the dust has cleared from this Great American Disaster we call Trump, he will be rightfully celebrated for one thing; setting the precedent allowing all future Presidents to be hard on China. Obama the Great Social Justice Warrior actually began in the final breathes of his administration to reduce the disparity of wealth and the number of people under the poverty line.   But Obama was a typical “take the high road we are on the right side of history” pussy.   He was the prototypical Democratic Party wimp.   Obama, like Clinton, could talk “tax credits” all fucking day long.   But when it came to China and Russia,   well they just weren’t tough enough.   “Tough” simply wasn’t them.   That’s not what they were about.    They wanted to create jobs and reduce deficits, and couldn’t care less about foreign policy. They didn’t look good having photo ops taken riding in tanks or addressing troops.     Especially Clinton the Draft Dodger.   Hillary actually would’ve broken t

A quick post on a few things I want to talk about....

Things I've encountered over the past few days has forced me to write up a quick interlude to my post series on Mao.  A couple of pleasant things I'd like to tell my listeners about as well as one less lighter we go! Quick write up on a pleasant Sunday here for my "throngs" of readers..... Want to share a quick note regarding one of my more favorite China podcasts.  As most of you know, upon occasion, I do utter a quick shout out to the "masses" regarding the podcast cum poetic skills of a certain Laszlo Montgomery.  A fella over in Orange County, SoCal way. He has been podcasting for as long as I've been writing, probably longer.  He is a true, passion filled narrator of things all China Enthusiasts need to know regarding the Heavenly Kingdom. Though it's been awhile since I've given him a shout out, I find his next accolades are overdue.  His latest download on the British East India Company are required listening.

Playa....Mao and his Women

I mentioned earlier I had wanted to talk more about Mao and his wives.   While thinking I might forego that particular post for what was next on my list, I decided it was probably best to go ahead and knock it out.   I’ve thus decided to make this part 2 of a 3 part post series.   Putting the posts together will simply make it more readable. It is important here to note I will not be talking much about the very obvious disconnect Chinese society had with social mores regarding divorce from early in the last century until very recently, compared with the oh so laissez faire attitude of China’s Revolutionary Leaders.    That is, unless I change my mind in mid post.   Knowing myself as I do, I’m really trying to get away from the 3-4 days I tend to spend on each post.   I just lack the time for the research. This particular post took me a whole week to put together.     (Family life is just overwhelming at the moment.) So I will try as straightforwardly as possibly to si