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Keeping China Down

I remember I was at work in our Shanghai office many years ago when I first encountered white collar conflict, Chinese Style.  My boss was a Chinese.  We were both less than ten feet from HIS boss, another overpaid, over weight expat that knew nothing about China but enjoyed the knowledge he was indeed, for a short time anyway, important.  He was a short, stodgy fellow with a scar across his cheek that yawned a lot.  He liked to play golf. Suddenly another mid level Chinese manager walked by.  He was the manager of something, of which I’ve long forgotten.   An upcoming biz trip was right around the corner, my boss said something to the other manager, and the other fellow responded with a dismissive tone, and suddenly in the blink of an eye these two mid level managers were both nose to nose, right outside the unknowing Expat’s office.  If I had to use just one word to describe the typical Western Expat in China, it would be “OBLIVIOUS”.   The dictionary describes “OBLIVIOU

By Reader Request....why China Girl never says Sorry

It’s simple why Chinese girls rarely(I should never say “never”) say SORRY: They want FACE. End of story. But if you want the background, let us try and attempt a simple easy to follow understanding. As I’ve said in the past, the problem with Chinese girls today is that they are part of the still prevalent  “ME” generation.     As I’ve written before, the majority of them grow up as single children, doted on by two sets of grandparents.   Unfortunately someone is gonna have to date this spoiled brat.  When you have two spoiled brats however, ie a male and female getting married, the only sure thing within Chinese society is an ever higher divorce rate. Another, deeper issue is their families’ unwillingness to properly instill within them a sense of 素质。 It’s funny, the prettier they are, the less of the above they have.    The inability to show or express “empathy” is indeed also a problem.  But do not people eventually gain these traits over time?  I’d say in n

We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident

Hong Kong girls will continue to be terrified of going to Shenzhen.  Or can I just say China?  Hong Kong girls hate “China”, and everything it stands for.   They hate the fact their husbands go there. They hate the fact their husbands don’t care.  They hate the knowledge that any Mainland Chinese girl worth her salt would eat any Hong Kong girl alive.   Yes, they also hate the city crime( incoming flash:  Crime exists everywhere, in every city on the planet.  Pls spread the word.)   Everything I’ve written above will never change in my lifetime, and probably neither yours as well. Xi Jinping is a badass.  If he can take down Zhou Yongkang, as unrepentant a son of bitch as there ever was, he can damn near take anyone else down.   I say “damn near”.    He wants Jiang Zemin to do him a favor and just die.  (Better the root of the tree just rot rather than be rooted out).  He has officially scared the hell out of Wen Jiabao.  If Mr. Wen as much as farts in the general direction of Unc