We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident

Hong Kong girls will continue to be terrified of going to Shenzhen.  Or can I just say China?  Hong Kong girls hate “China”, and everything it stands for.   They hate the fact their husbands go there. They hate the fact their husbands don’t care.  They hate the knowledge that any Mainland Chinese girl worth her salt would eat any Hong Kong girl alive.   Yes, they also hate the city crime( incoming flash:  Crime exists everywhere, in every city on the planet.  Pls spread the word.)   Everything I’ve written above will never change in my lifetime, and probably neither yours as well.

Xi Jinping is a badass.  If he can take down Zhou Yongkang, as unrepentant a son of bitch as there ever was, he can damn near take anyone else down.   I say “damn near”.    He wants Jiang Zemin to do him a favor and just die.  (Better the root of the tree just rot rather than be rooted out).  He has officially scared the hell out of Wen Jiabao.  If Mr. Wen as much as farts in the general direction of Uncle Xi, he may go down as well.   Which is all too eerily familiar to how Mao ran things. Mr. Xi now understands taking down the 大老虎 in a public fashion will give him oh so much cred to do other things.  Mr. Xi has made it clear that anyone that opposes him will face the fate of ZhouAs such his power may soon rival that of Deng.

Chinese women will never understand College Football.  And if they feign interest, it’s because they want your money.  Or your house.

China will keep building airfields and runways in the middle of the Pacific until someone tells them to Stop.  No one will tell them to Stop.

Some dumbfuck accident, caused by either Stress or just plain Human Egotism will cause a shooting war in the Pacific between China and Japan.  It will forever be debated “Just how it began”.

Li Zhisui’s book, "The Private Life of Chairman Mao," is the standard tome as regards the life of Mao.  Certainly not  Chang Jung’s.  Nor anyone else’s.   Her book was 800 pages.  His 600 pages.  So what?  Until someone else that actually knew Mao, on an intimate basis writes a book about The Man Himself, in the words of That Great Western Poet, James Hetfield, Nothing Else Matters.

Which leads me too….Wang Guangmei.  The Greatest Storyteller that Never Was never got to say her piece.   Our knowledge of China’s inner workings from the 40’s through to the end of the Cultural Revolution would have been greatly enhanced had she been able to write about it.  Alas, once Li’s book on Mao came out, Wang was reportedly banned from leaving China to write hers.

Chinese immigration to the West will increase to such alarming numbers that governments will consider the Extremely Unpolitic Thing of creating quotas.   China will not protest.  Indeed, it will soon learn to hate the 10 Year Visa agreement it has with America.   It will not cry racism.  Rather, it will happily look the other way.  It knows all too well the wont of squirreling away stolen money is the main culprit driving this Modern Day Exodus.  It will be easier to catch the “crooks” if they have nowhere to go. 

Reshoring?  Reshoring you say  This is not only an intellectually lazy concept but akin to thinking one can lock sasquatch  up in an open air pen.  Outsourcing is full throttle.  The only folks not outsourcing are those with neither the competitive need to do so nor the inability to get over their nationalistic notions.  No one likes sending work overseas.  Taking away jobs.  Until  your competition does it that is.  Resourcing to Americans means sending the jobs from China to Mexico.  It does not mean bringing them back to Peoria.  And if my competitor quits China and puts his factory up in Mexico to “save on tariffs” I will lose the short term leadtime game but win on quality, engineering, pricing and the greatest intangible that ever lived, “thinking out of the box”.   I can only hope my competitor moves to Mexico.   Please do.


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