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Why China Man Cheats..The Politically Incorrect Version

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When you know it's over. Signs it's time to let your China Girl go.

The inevitable breakup.   Letting go. (Or running for our lives?)   We’ve all had to do it.  If it’s all about the conquest, and nothing else, it’s not hard.  Not one bit.  Quite often the “relationship” is just something for convenience.  For both sides.  (A lonely, married woman.  A horny man). Yes, it’s very true some guys just wanna play the field.  Have a rotation.  However, odd as it sounds, though, that does grow old.  A lot of us just want a girlfriend.   We’re warned not to.  Playing the field is much better.  It’s only physical.  There’s an understanding .  Yet, when having a gf, it becomes an emotional complication.   Best to avoid.  It’s hard to live in China bouncing from one girl to the next.  It’s human nature to want a foundation.  Stability.  Predictability.  Security.  Security brings happiness.   But all good things can’t last forever.   There are signs for the imminent goodbye.  Warnings along the highway.  A man needs to see them. This is my me

Time for a "fluff" post....

Today I’d like to talk about the results of the recent China Congress, and what factions within that Congress are vying for what…… Oh fuck that! Today is “Fluff Post” Day! Today is not the post to read about the Uighurs….I’ve damn near given up trying to be “high brow” with you guys. Am I disappointed that you guys don’t really care so much abt the serious topics I occasionally write about? I need to admit, that in the beginning, I was.   But it’s my fault.   Because I know fuck all about what is happening in Zhongnanhai(nor does anyone else), so by default all I can do is write about what I see around me, either when in Shenzhen, or in the States’. (At last count I have over 110 original posts here.  Nothing regurgitated from a news outlet.  Some topics in common yes, but all with original thought.  I'm glad to see some of you still perusing them.) My thoughts on local things around me are piling up, and I’d really like to talk abt them a bit. My wif

The Mass Migration

There are already over 200,000 Chinese students in America.  First they came as grad students….than undergrad.  A few years ago as High School kids.  And now the first wave of Jr High kids has already started to reach our shores as well.   Is it this way in Sweden?  Spain?  Brazil?  Australia? Are your countries now beginning to see a conspicuous increase in the Chinese population from Mainland China?  What we currently see is a whole class of Chinese…wealthy Chinese…..moving like a slow glacier out of the country.   It is the Mass Migration of our time.    Steady.  Inexorable.   Like a meandering herd of sheep.  Moving not just to America, but basically anywhere with welcoming arms. Hosting Chinese kids in America is the next big business.   “Hosting” a Chinese high school student where I live is anywhere from $1000-1500 per month.  I know one Chinese mother that has taken in 3 kids.  Easy money if you have the energy to put up with it.    Our best friends in Shen

China Experts and Oxymorons

We all want to be good at something.  Simple as that.   Further, we want to be known as an expert in something .  We want our opinions sought out.  We want people to value what we say.  And once they do, we can’t wait for our opinions to be solicited again.  In short, we want to be respected as an authority, no matter what it may be.  So it is with China.  In this age of the internet, it seems there’s a “China Expert” on every corner.   If you can’t see him, you can sure as hell hear him.   In this Age of the Podcast, Internet Blog, Website and Talking Head, the “privilege” of being an Expert is open to all.  (I love it!)   You don’t have to be from Harvard to be able to publish an opinion and you don’t have to be a writer for the NY Times either.   The internet is the Great Equalizer.   We are all the same.   It allows an English Teacher to call out a PhD of History from Harvard, and quite often the English Teacher, who can’t speak a spit of Mandarin, but who lives

Don't Cry for Radio Shack. My Shamelessly Self Serving Post.

I know there aren’t many listening out there but that Icon of American Retail, Radio Shack just took a well deserved, financial hit.  As a result over retail 1000 stores are scheduled for closing in These United States.  The 4 th quarter saw a loss of $200 mln dineros…. Even with the scheduled demise of all those stores it will still have over 4000 retail outlets in the USA. Pretty impressive, eh?  Not quite.  It will only make the crash all that spectacular. Not to gloat.  Not to sneer.  Real people will lose real jobs.  And there is nothing about that to gloss over.  Still….as a fellow in the same “industry” as RS, I saw this coming a year ago, and am not all surprised.  How is that?  I can tell you I haven’t looked at their financials, or even taken the time to read an income statement from these guys.  Didn’t need to. All I had to do was attempt a business transaction.   Once I attempted a business transaction with Radio Shack’s Corporate Ofc it was pretty