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In case any of you forgot….. This spectacle of Trump has led to much chest thumping in the Chinese Media.    All of it of course reminding the Chinese People, at least those stuck in China anyway, of the superiority of their system.    China simply does not have a thing for uncertainty.     They prefer predictability.   It’s neater.   Requires less sweat, and certainly less bandwidth.    Still, the opportune bashing of democracy in China’s Media and how it works does not ring hollow with the masses.    In a sad sort of way, it simply makes those stuck in China with no way out feel better about themselves. Yet one must remember Chinese do not come here, or to Australia, or Canada, or New Zealand, or Europe for “ democracy ”.    They come here for the clean air, the ability to separate themselves from the “race to the bottom” competitiveness of Chinese society.    To better lead a life free of China’s rules and regulations.    But not for democracy.    They want a bet

Further: quick update on China's take on Trump

Proving to all that China's decision makers and well heeled elite do indeed follow your humble blogger's posts(especially this one that I published maybe a day or so ago) with both unmasked anticipation AND naked relish, I give thee a quick summary on what the Heavenly Kingdom's take is on Trump: CNN has a quick video with interesting comments in English from a Beijing lady on the street. (Here is another video made in China, by a pissed off Chinese , albeit it was quickly yanked.  Here (and here ) are my posts on it.   ) "American people cannot get jobs", she says.....oblivious to the fact that maybe part of the reason is nearly every Fortune 500 company in America has shut down a factory and moved it to China. And if you were to say "yes, Fontenot, but if there was no China, than America would simply move them to Mexico or Vietnam.....", I'd say you are right.  Another one says "China has cheaper labor".... Finally, CNN talks

Who does China want to win the Election?

An earlier reader requested we talk about the upcoming US Election.      You know, the Big One.    The President! Specifically, which president would China rather deal with?   And if the Chinese would prefer either Hillary or Trump. In my mind it is a no brainer.   The President of China would least prefer to deal with someone experienced in foreign affairs.   Someone that doesn’t know them very well, if at all.    Someone they can thus dazzle and charm, with a plastic smile and a velvet glove.    I’ve often spoken of China in general, and it’s preferences for certain types of businessmen, when sitting across the table during a negotiation.   Most of today’s fashionable China “experts” have never been to a factory, or had to sit down for a business negotiation.   They are magazine writers, podcast interviewers, or simple social commentators. They haven’t sat down in a room, alone, with a CEO to write up a contract or do a deal.    That is, they’ve never been in a

Total War

(This post has taken an exceptionally long time to write because well, of the neverending material I have with which to use.   Much of it has only come with in the past few days. Unfortunately, it’s the gift I wish would stop giving.) Often I have spoken of America and China in zero sum terms.   That is, what one gains is wholly at the expense of the other, with little if any middle ground.    There can be no “unconditional” surrender with China.    Because the days of beating the shit out of another country until it bleeds from every orifice of its body is over, long gone.     Unconditional surrender between countries with nuclear weapons is obsolete. But I’m not talking about China and America.   Nope.   I’m speaking of China Wife and Husband of Tigermom. We men come in two categories:   absolute wimp /pushover, or Man of Integrity and Honor that constantly fights a rearguard action, fighting the Good Fight while maintaining his sanity and Sense of Being.