Further: quick update on China's take on Trump

Proving to all that China's decision makers and well heeled elite do indeed follow your humble blogger's posts(especially this one that I published maybe a day or so ago) with both unmasked anticipation AND naked relish, I give thee a quick summary on what the Heavenly Kingdom's take is on Trump:

CNN has a quick video with interesting comments in English from a Beijing lady on the street.
(Here is another video made in China, by a pissed off Chinese, albeit it was quickly yanked.  Here(and here) are my posts on it.   )

"American people cannot get jobs", she says.....oblivious to the fact that maybe part of the reason is nearly every Fortune 500 company in America has shut down a factory and moved it to China.

And if you were to say "yes, Fontenot, but if there was no China, than America would simply move them to Mexico or Vietnam.....", I'd say you are right. 

Another one says "China has cheaper labor"....

Finally, CNN talks of Trump's accusation from Trump that "China has stolen American jobs...."

My take on that is simple.  These are jobs American companies have willingly taken to China.   China hasn't stolen anything.   Though once they are there, it is hard to get them back as yes, China, and Japan, and South Korea have all used currency manipulation as a potent weapon against America's pussy(excuse me, I mean enlightened) negotiators.

The Washington Post also gives a link to a youtube documentary(whoops this is the actual youtube link) published by China on the "state" of America's hypocritical stance to the world.  China of course allows the US government to give an unedited rebuttal and it is obligingly put on Page One of the People's Daily.....(not)

Of note is the comments on India in the article.....for which I already have a response.

With age comes a dulled sense of outrage.  I'm not the firebrand I was at 23.  My hair is no longer shoulder length and I prefer to refer to myself as "wise and experienced" rather than "balding and ugly".

Thus I must admit I do see some value in alot of what China says and is trying to get across.  I just disagree with the lack of context is all.   Unfortunately even if only a small portion of China's people takes this type of journalism seriously, that still leaves a population at the very least the size of America's that wholeheartedly swallows what is written and what is broadcast about America.

And finally but not least, the dean of China's journalistic integrity, with the original article here.

Even if Trump should lose, he has done an excellent job of bringing all those with neither a sense of hope nor optimism about both America and their own future in the country out of the woodwork.

Lesson?  Everyone that lives in America has to have "buyin".  Not just the 1%....or else how can America become a better place?  If nothing is done soon, I may not want to be around in America come twenty years from now....

Now I wonder how the Chinese would react should a Chinese Trump be given free rein.....???


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