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China Wife struggles with America

As an American Male, I continue to find surprises with China Wife. My wife has told me she wants to “retire” at 50. Her father retired at 60 and her mom 55.   A well intentioned ploy by China no doubt to ease the unemployment issues for its population while at the same time simply increasing the tax burden of the State. “So what’s up with China Wife,” you ask? Simple.   She’s told me her life is “tiring”. Poor thing. My wife has been here over a decade now, and has had the time to learn through observing, and most definitely through personal experience just how “hard” America can be. While I most certainly would be guilty of more than readily calling China Wife wimpy….or just not “tough enough”, without doubt she has reminded me of just how people not born and raised here see our society.   And I tend to agree with her observations. You see, the culprit of my China Wife’s angst is the American Workplace. America can fire her for any reason, incl

Update on my last post.....Judas, Revenge and who next will run over Trump?

Just couldn't resist a quick word apologies to my foreign readers as this is a quick comment on what transpired in America yesterday.  You see, Trump got ran over by Ryan on Healthcare, than as America failed to "fix" Healthcare, Trump of course came off looking bad.  Very bad.  Xi visits next month folks.   Xi's "fear" and "worry" over Trump has suddenly dropped quite a bit. Will Xi be the next one to run over Trump?  I think he will. The Chinese respect strength.  Unfortunately, foreign policy once again just isn't as big of an issue in America right now, and NO ONE is thinking of China.   How can Trump get his way with Xi(on something) if Xi thinks he's an incompetent blowhard?  And if most of the USA already is leaning that way, how can we blame Xi to think otherwise? I repeat:  Trump is the most dangerous man in America in recent times.  At least since Nixon.  A man is most dangerous at the poker table after having los

The Most Dangerous Man in the World....Part 2

So democracies are nothing but a bunch of wimpy nations, focused more on arguing amongst themselves and how one political party can gain the upper hand against the other.    With democracies it is Party first and Nation second.   It is all about winning, with little regard for geopolitics.    It’s more about getting your local school board candidate elected than anything taking place 8000 miles away. I do not want to state that Democracies are guilty of putting their head in the sand.   Germany has led the way in Europe on accepting immigrants from Syria.    Again I raise the very unpopular question of the American military going into Syria.     Nevermind that Russia now has a foothold in the Middle East that will not be going away for a very long time to come.   Would there have been any mass Syrian immigration to Europe if the Marines were there? But when it comes to living within a democratic nation, I do not plead ignorance to what is happening around the world tod

World Peace and Harmony and other myths.....Part 1

Upon the conclusion of WWl, the French wanted their revenge.   They set about immediately to do this, and who could blame them? First they regained the industrial heartland of France, lost to Germany a few generations earlier in 1871.     With this France regained not only its honor but also its dignity.   The cost of course was 1.4 million dead.  The French, very much like the Russians in 1945, also wanted a buffer state between it and Germany.   The Russians got theirs of course, ie all of East Europe.   The French failed however, to obtain one of their own.   They did however, manage to create a demilitarized zone.   It was the next best thing.   It was called The Rhineland. Remember the posts on Truman and the Korean War ?   The DMZ there was only 2 miles across.   It is now of course no man’s land.    A freak accident of mankind, pristine and untouched, stretching from one side of Korea to another. Well, the French kinda sorta had their own DMZ.   Except it was