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Zhou loses control to Mao....

Something happened to Zhou.  The Great Zhou En Lai. Administrator Supreme. Father of China's Intelligence service, along with the founder of a major Chinese newspaper.  Cold blooded killer.  Druglord. How did someone so capable and invaluable to the Rise of China so willingly fall into line behind Mao? Zhou EnLai continues to "flaunt" his ability after the end of the Long March.  He serves in Chongqing, as liaison between the CCP and KMT.  He was ripe for becoming a paid American spy(or someone's spy) but never bit.  Chiang Kai Shek could only dream of Zhou turning, like so many others before him. Zhou's passion for the cause was unstoppable.  His reputation unscathed and beyond reproach. The mantle of leadership within the Chinese Communist Party was his for the asking.  There is no way Mao could have become Supreme Leader of China if not for Zhou's acquiescence.   Zhou need simply raise his voice, flash his passion for the cause, and the ch

Yes, there was a time when Zhou Enlai was Mao's boss....

Zhou was the undisputed leader of China's Communist Party. The Comintern thought so. He had the intelligence, and when times called for it, the ruthlessness to seek revenge.  He had the operational competency, and had proven himself an able administrator.  It was his idea to create an Intelligence Division.  He knew immediately the need for information. He knew his enemy.  Chiang Kai Shek. He knew how to mobilize and organize.  And he knew most of the players.  He knew Deng Xiaoping nearly fifteen years before Mao did.  Indeed, he had brought several future great leaders into the Party, such as Ye Jianying. He also had a price on his head.  The Nationalists wanted badly to kill him.  What more street cred than that was necessary? Well, it turns out his weakness if any was his lack of knowledge of China's Great Peasantry.  In my view, Zhou was simply too sophisticated and urbane for his own good.  At ease perhaps with the media, with foreigners, and able

Suicide of Miss Zhao

As life continues to ruthlessly intrude upon my blogging schedule, I find myself intrigued by the below story.  A true story.  This is an article written about Miss Zhao.  She died a unique death.  She committed suicide in her wedding chair on the way to her groom.  An unwanted marriage to a widower.  She was basically sold by her parents for money.  Some will argue that having such money in hand, therefore allowed the parents to provide their son with money for HIS marriage, if they had one.  Still, what is interesting is that Mao Zedong was much intrigued by this sad tale, enough to write an essay, of somewhat tedious length.  I ask you simply scan it.  May wrote this when he was 26. His passion at such a young age deserves many an accolade.   I find it interesting to note though he himself seemed to have more than a whiff of civil disobedience, as he himself grew into power he was most sensitive to others having the same vein of expression themselves.  Just ask Wu Han.