Scorned China Wife's latest idea......

Awhile back I wrote a post on why ChinaMan Cheats.  To me it made perfect sense.   Marry too early, fall out of love, find someone else.  I also dumped on ChinaGirl.  No knowledge of men, always thinking her man is out and about, with somebody else by his side.   

Now the NY Times has gone out and done us all a great service.  Actually published an article about an apparently growing industry within China aimed at just this social dilemma that is oh so common.  While this is a social issue in every country on the planet, China is the only place I know of to have taken it to this level.    An opportunity for China Wife to get her man back.  For a hefty fee, these consultants will strive with all their greedy heart to not just run off YOUR MAN’S new found love but to even bring him back to the nest.

The spurned lady has her man back, the company collects its fee, and all is well. 
Now if you will just excuse me for a moment, I need to go find a place to laugh in the most sneering, condescending tone of voice I can muster.

Bullshit.  (Or as my daughter would say bulldog shih tzu).

Why China Wife earnestly believes  Her Man is just gonna fall back into her arms because some consulting company figured out a way to separate him from his more youthful, malleable piece of ass is beyond me.   And methinks beyond most men who have lived in China as well.

Trust me when I say any return to China Wife’s open arms will be nothing but a pitstop for China Man.  Once he realizes what he can “accomplish” in China, there is no turning back to China Wife.
I’d like someone to figure out the “retention” rate of these “happy” couples 12 months later.   How many are still around? 

Well….let’s ask the key questions, shall we?

Does your “MAN” still come home for dinner every night one year later?

Or does he seem to take a lot of overnight 出差?

Is his favorite phrase still 我要开会去了.

Or heaven forbid the kiss of death for all relationships…..”我有事“。

Because if it is, yeah, he’s still doing his thing.

If I know anything, I know that when in China, China Man has to “roam”.  

Why is that?

Because China Girl is too simplistic.  Because in life, money is the root of all lust and carnal satisfaction.  And if your China Man has money to spend, well…pardon the pun, your happy married life is “fucked”.   It’s the downside of having money in China.  Too many youthful women in a country coupled with too many unhappy marriages.  As long as women are attracted to men with money, anywhere on this planet, but especially in China, with its clubs and crowded cities and overabundance of KTV’s and factory cities teeming with factory girls, unless your marriage is a 13 on a scale of 1 to 10, your man WILL fuck around.  

This post isn’t about how much of a cad China Man is.  Nope.  I’ve already written about that.  It’s about how naive China Wife is.    Unless China Wife has a higher social status than China Man does what can China Wife do?

I’m amazed that some women would believe that short of running China Mistress over with a taxi that China Man will come back grinning into China Wife’s arms.   China is the only country I know of that continues to “blame” China Girl for her man’s meandering ways.

We’ve all seen the gangs of women beating up poor China Girl.  Stripping her in public.  What happens to China Man?  Maybe you scare the shit out of him for a few weeks.  Maybe there’s yet another divorce in a country full of unhappy marriages. 

This article in the Times doesn’t even mention the underlying condition of the relationship that would be a symptom of China Man’s wretched behavior. 

I said quite some time ago that if a man really loves his woman, that’s it.  Done. 

When a man’s hot babe goes off on a business trip and he “bonds” with her by sleeping on her pillow while she’s gone….that’s some crazy love, dude.   When he goes to a club and talks to no one and leaves after an hour, that’s looking Lucifer in the face and grinning back.   In a country full of “hotels”, how would China Wife ever know? 

What this silly article (which won’t be winning any Pulitzer awards any time soon) doesn’t mention is that when a man regardless of his country has tasted the forbidden fruit and his house is surrounded orchards of the stuff…well, he’s gonna have more that fruit. 

Buts it’s also a sad commentary on how China Wife simply cannot compete with China Girl.

Arranged marriages…overwhelming habit of marrying first sweetheart…abundance of poor girls streaming into the cities…peasant mom’s(none of which have seen a penis in decades) all constantly preaching economic security over love…this is China today!

Than you have the sidebar issues:

Does China Wife still give China Man oral sex? 

Does China Wife still look good after her 2nd kid?

Does China Wife still have that 你去哪儿attitude?


Think about it for a moment.  If you are a long time reader of this blog, does China Man want a blow job from his 37 year old wife or from the 23 year old?   You’ll notice I didn’t write the word “sex”.
Tough, tough decision(not!)

Men are wicked, terrible things.  China Girls fills a need.  Everyone wins.  Except China Wife.
China Wife needs to accept that romance with her first and only boyfriend cum husband will inevitably  go the way of leaves over a vast thunderous waterfall.  Never to return.   Each leave representing a marriage gone bad.

How can China Man fall back in love with China Wife?

He doesn’t dude.   That “Fall back in love and return to wife” train has long since left the station. 

All China Man needs is an excuse.  Because in his mind he has oh so long ago left you.  His physical attraction to somebody else is only a reflection of that.

So as the article in the NYT says(and I’m not gonna ask why on earth they are writing about this??????), the fling was broken up.  It was smashed into the ground.  The female left town for a better paying job.   Man returns to wife.  Wife wins.  Until China Man finds his next lover, anyway. 
Sorry China Wife, the company you just forked out a fortune too almost certainly doesn’t allow buyer’s remorse. 

Actually, ChinaMan doing what he does is nothing if but buyer’s remorse.

Yeah, I’m beating up on China Wife a bit too much.  But a China Marriage shouldn’t be cemented over CNY, and it shouldn’t be cemented over an overpriced coffee at Starbucks and a movie.  Too many China Marriages come too easily.   All the money and Ferrari’s your wedding ceremony can afford still won’t buy you sincerity.  

So what should China Wife do?

Let him go, of course.  Let him leave.  There are way too many men out there just waiting for you. unfortunately many of them are not Chinese.  

And that is what holds China Wife back.  She knows all to well that should there be a divorce that no China Man is gonna choose her over a younger, "fresher" rival.  Nevermind the stigma.  We have a friend with a son in a good college who in my view is reasonably attractive.  She is single.  And what did she do?  She went back to China to find a husband! 

Or so she thought.   He is in his 60's, she her 40's.  Once he heard her age he broke it off.  "Too old", he said.

That’s why I’ve long since understood that if laowai wants to have a China Lover it’s far easier to simply hang with scorned China Wife.  Divorced China Wife.   China Wife doesn’t want your money.  She only wants your passion.  Love.   And your commitment to stay away from China Girl. 
That would be advice to Laowai as well.  Too much competition for China Girl.  Trust me, Laowai you can’t compete, should she choose to make this an open competition.   You ain’t got no Tesla or Range Rover in any country, and China Girl is tired of riding in a taxi.   You aren’t stupid enough to throw money at China Girl when you still got a mortgage at home to pay.   Better you hook up with scorned China Wife.  You know, the one with the mortgage already paid off and a car in the garage. 


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