Rumors, damn rumors!

So, a few things I've heard, which I'm entirely too lazy to look into myself.

These may be true, or they may not be.

First the outlandish:

America brought the virus to China.  This virus, the epidemic, was planted in China by Americans.

Seriously?  This reminds me that quite frankly haters gonna hate.  There will always be people in China that think America is the devil reincarnate.  And the same goes for America(and Westerners) about China.  Can't change it.  Just gotta keep moving.  People that want to hate even when surrounded by roses, sunshine and love, will find a way to conspire and rumor monger. 

For instance, I was on Youtube the other day and I came across one of the anti China videographers I wrote about only a few posts back.  I glanced and saw the title of his video.  Something about doomsday coming to China.  His title was inflammatory, and of course it collected plenty of clicks to  his video.  Afterall that is how he gets paid right?

What disturbs me is he probably makes a lot of $ pissing on China.   I believe I'm not that type of guy, though some of my blogs are very much against the "wumao".   Like this one. 

My point is going negative when the sky is not falling isn't cool.  But that is the corner they've painted themselves in.    But I want to be fair.  Go up to the link and read the fuller story.  These dudes are a thorn in China's side, no question.

Back to what I've heard.....

"The Chinese killed Li Wenliang. He did not die of the virus.  Rather he was killed".

This is stupendously misinformed, and I have to wonder what type of person would spread such a rumor?  And if you believe such a thing, then you really are "out" to get China, and have suspended all sense of common sense. 

Why do I not believe the above?  His skills are highly sought after for one thing.   Why kill China's future?  And this simply isn't the China you may have read about during the time of Chiang Kai Shek.  CKS would have had this young, brave doctor killed in a heartbeat.  China has changed. 

It actually disturbs me I have to write the above, and disturbs me even more a few Chinese belief as much..

China is undercounting the statistics.  I believe this to be true.   Why?  Because if you have a "cold", or a "cough", you'll be ok.  Just fine.  It's just not the coronavirus.   When actually it is the damn virus.  Whether this undercount is deliberate or just based on lack of experience and competence I cannot say. 

Many if not most of China's front line doctors and nurses are dead, or dying.  As such, China is now drastically short of expertise at the moment.   I will venture "yes".    Indeed, to avoid panic, this might be the case.

Folks....China is on the edge.  It is teetering.  Kudo's for China's leadership to allow "100 flowers to bloom", so to speak.  But more bad publicity, even if not China's fault, will really not be good.

Wuhan has a biological weapons lab, or something similar to it, only a few miles from the seafood/animal market.  I rate this as true.

Chinese that work in this laboratory, and others across China(any sort of lab) apparently make extra cash by selling these animals into the black market where they wind up for sale in the markets.  One such fellow doing this was actually arrested, although not from Wuhan.

I rate this as more possible than you might think.  Just another way to make money.  Some Chinese are simply too entrepreneurial for their own good.   Amoral societies are more prone to this.

China will not allow the United States into China because they will find "things" that China doesn't want released.  Probably.

In sum, I think China more ever before is looking inward.  Wondering what the hell happened.   Both the leadership and the people themselves.  China had just pulled itself up to the top of the hill, then inexplicably tumbled down the otherside.  It simply had no time to enjoy the view.  And everyone in the Heavenly Kingdom knows it.

The bright side, and there is one, is the people will now  hopefully find the ability to self analyze.  To think how this reflects upon them as a Nation, a Society and a People.  I wrote about this some years ago.  The problem is we Westerners, well we think like the laowai we are.

"Everything will be alright", we tell ourselves.
"Positive change will come about."     Afterall, the timing of this is better than having a breakout during the Winter Olympics themselves.

Don't kid yourselves.  Lot's of folks in  high places, higher than the naked eye can see, are simply saying too each other "this too shall pass".


  1. Yeah... I worked at a secure facility in China. My first thought was it 100% escaped the lab. Occam's Razor, right? Simplest explanation is usually correct. Same idea as you, they probably animal testing and not properly disposing (or even selling for meat, though I keep that to myself. Americans have a hard enough time even embracing this as something other than conspiracy theory)

    But I'm very bothered by the response. It seems like we're being gaslighted by the powers that be to keep the economy afloat. And it seems kinda dangerous.

    1. Want to hear something else? I bet most Western countries are saying China simply reaped what it sowed. "You like dog meat? This is what you all deserve!"

      When China falls down, I have found two responses.

      "Stay away from China", which is everybody.

      "Let's not embarrass China", which is what the WHO is doing now. Going out of its way to not make China look bad.

      China has made much progress in my view regarding its transparency. If this had happened 15 years ago, the same virulence, the death toll would have been much, much higher, and we'd still not know what is going on.

      Thank you for all your comments!

  2. Also disturbing they would implicate America, since all their media and journalism is put out by the party.. It seems like some sort of defensive manuever for future squabbles.

    Anyway, I'm sure when this is over, they'll be out looking for that HIV positive colony of bats, snakes, paglions or whatever with SARS... We could only hope.

    1. Even more disturbing is when they finally "ban" these types of ubiquitous markets(they are in every city. When I was in Wenzhou, my supplier took me to one. Rat tails were for sale.) Others will just create "black market" locales. In other words, the Chinese can't be stopped from operating these stalls.

      It is in China's nature to break the rules.

  3. since when are the skills of a provincial ophthalmologist "China's future"?


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