Who will be America's Krushchev?

 Stalin was a monster.

If you all go back, deep, deep into the archives you will, oh never mind, I'm sure none of you have the time to really go back into my nearly 400 posts so here it is, my dear lazy readers!


In sum there was a time, when the "bad guys" were denounced for far less than anything Stalin was ever denounced for.

But this moment matters.  Stalin was so feared, that even when something was obviously wrong with him on the night of his death, no one helped him.   Believe it or not, he died before his time.  And 99% of all ethnic Russians thought him a Hero brought down from heaven by Lenin himself to save Mother Russia.  Remember, Stalin was not "Russian".   As my Soviet History teacher taught us, Stalin spoke Russian with an accent.  Most non ethnic Russians probably hated him.  

All the same, Stalin got away with his excesses.  He killed in cold blood without remorse. He was never put on trial.  He was never accused of anything.  His tomb was even placed next to Lenin's.  We all know what a naughty person Stalin was.

And yet he was not corrupt, in the sense we know it today.  He did not "steal" billions and squirrel them away in secret bank accounts. He did not get his family jobs. He did not have affairs.  He did not keep a harem.  He was not a drug addict.  Indeed, it would have been hard to find a harder working dictator than Stalin.  He once kept Mao waiting for weeks in Moscow before meeting with him.

But because of him we had the Korean War.  And because of him, the Korean War stopped.  If only due to his death.  Still, in the sum of things there are very few truly evil people in the History of the World, but Stalin would probably be in the first rank.  

And because of this one of his top lieutenants, a fellow named Khrushchev, whom after becoming first among equals if you will, in one secret speech not meant for global consumption, fell Stalin in the course of a few hours.  Obliterating within Russia the Cult of Personality that was the Man himself.

If not for this seminal moment, Stalin's light would have flickered on for generations.  Only someone from Stalin's inner circle you see, could have picked up the knife to stab the man in the back.  One can argue not even future Soviet leaders would have dared utter such things, for fear of giving motivation to a rival to claim power.

Trump was no monster. Don't get me wrong.  I do not wish to compare Trump to Stalin.  But somehow amongst the ignorants that populate our Great Nation, this imbecile fooled seventy million people into voting for him.   If you speak a lie long enough, it will be listened too, then eventually taken as gospel. 

The sad thing is, as their parents and aunts and uncles die of Covid, as their taxes are cut by mere hundreds while the rich man has his taxes cut by millions, the sad truth is they just hate Democrats.  Period.   And are afraid of Change. 235,000 Americans have died of a disease.  If Trump was reelected, it is quite possible the total number of deaths would have surpassed all American WW2 deaths.  Incredible.  And yet 70 million of my fellow Americans voted for this son of a bitch. 

Meanwhile the Russians were led to believe that Stalin couldn't possibly have been the one to send their husband to the Gulag, or their wife to a labor camp in Siberia.   Mao hated the speech by the way, and considered it a threat to his power.  He too wanted a Cult of Personality.   This was the beginning of his dislike for Khrushchev.  Mao of course banned the speech in China. 

And to this day there is no Khrushchev within China, for if there were, would it not threaten the CCP?

Alas, the only way to destroy the legacy of Trump within America is by having an American Khrushchev.  Only a former Trump insider can give such a speech, totally refuting American xenophobia and denouncing division.  We need an American Khrushchev, make no mistake about it.  Because that is the only, only way, China and America will make it right.

Biden is the new President but just barely folks.  145 million votes cast.  He'll probably win by only 5 million.  It will be a hundred years before we see such an election again.  You think Biden is gonna give China love anytime soon?  Hell no he's not.  This is the new normal.  I haven't been to China for a year, and am not going back until at least Summer 2021.   

China needs me.  It needs all of us that live outside the Red Wall to come back and spend some money.  Visit some factories.  Othewise we'll simply go to India, or whomever gives us love first.  It's like having the prettiest China Girl there is.  But when she goes on that business trip and doesn't come back, you forget about her.  You forget your new China Girlfriend isn't half as pretty as your old one.  By this time you just want someone to pay attention to you.

The faster our Krushchev denounces the excesses of Trump, the easier for Biden to make good with China, the better off we will all be.  That's my take on the 2020 election. 


  1. Stalin was a great person and a great leader. It is a shame we have this smearing comparing of his great achievements. He defeated the Nazies, obliterated the Japanese Manchurian army, got the USSR an A-Bomb. Also during his tenure a lot of fair and respected people got up the ladder to the highest positions in power (not what you get now, the fools), a lot of nice scientific works were published (some still better descriptions and writing than what we have now), not to mention that USSR became a super power from just an peasantry state, rivaling the US, in just under 20-30 years. Yeah, and Stalin was elected. Yeah, and Khrushchev pretty much abolished the election mechanism of the Stalin era. Have you heard of the Stalin state prize, funded by Stalin's own funds earned from selling his books world-wide? Have you heard of the many people in the US supporting Stalin's cause in, I believe, 30th and 40th? Yet, some new technology utilized by the US like sustainable grows etc. was actually in part described by Stalin? Well, you can find his books in English (hopefully not redacted) and hopefully you will not go to jail for reading them in the free country, the US is. No offense, I like your blog, yet I felt like I need to stand up for some truth.


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