Portrait of a Successful Chinese Woman

Wendi Deng…Modern Chinese Woman. 

Anyone familiar with the story of Deng would think right away she’s a gold digger.  And you would be right.   But is this important?  Not really.  She married an Old Man that knew what he was getting.   Deng simply played the odds and couldn’t believe her luck.   Her luck was bad!   The Old Man has lived longer than she probably expected(they were married 14 years).   Of course his mom made it to 100, so obviously he has the genes.  (Ms. Deng obviously didn’t do her research.  She was without doubt thinking we’ll have a few kids than he’ll just kick over)

What’s funny is not that they are breaking up.  She’s an ugly woman, after all.  (All the makeup she wore couldn’t hide that)But that she got as far as she did.  It’s a tribute to her focus and tenacity.  To many Chinese Women she’s a HERO.  Wanna learn about the Model China Girl today?  Look no further than Wendi Deng.   (Is Murdoch her grandparents age?)  The Man got away with screwing a Woman younger than his son….good for him!   Did he have to go beyond Western Civilization to do it?  Yep.   Sure did. 

Wendi Deng will lose all social status now the divorce is final(if she hasn’t already).  She was a pathetic trophy wife.  She will go the way of YOKO, at times both despised and ridiculed.   Yet as long as she has kids, she will have a place at the table.   Her only regret is she didn’t have a son.   

The better to stake a claim on the fortune, you see.  

And as for poor Tony Blair?  He’s stuck being the godfather.  Long after Rupert is gone, he’ll still have to deal with this woman.   Why did she lust after the PM? That’s what gold diggers do.  They always want the next big thing.   The problem with MAN is we are not that accustomed to women throwing themselves at us.  And when it happens we don’t know what to expect.  How to react.  A quiver of confusion mistaken for hesitation leads all to believe MEN reciprocate the interest.  (NOT!)

The West abhors the gold digger.  However, it’s to be expected in China.  A woman not going after a Man for his money is quite often made a mockery by her friends.    Wendi Deng is about to enter a tough phase of her life.  One with no real friends.   But that’s in the WEST.   And something tells me she doesn’t give a damn.   

This is a woman that not only  had an affair with a married man while living with him and his wife, but then married said man, 30 years her senior,  just to get a Green Card.   Give it to Ms. Deng.  She had FOCUS.   Still, she got only as far as her men were pliable.  In short, she is about to become a pariah.   Everything she gained in the West, all the board memberships etc….she will lose those.  In short, she will return to life as a Nobody.

Still, we haven’t forgotten she is Chinese.   She will have Chinese Society to fall back upon.  A woman with no shame has thick skin.   She’ll have no problem rebuilding her coterie of Chinese friends.  With them she’ll have status and admiring looks.   

“You did it!”, they’ll exclaim.   She’ll be the talk of the town.   She won’t be looked upon as a leech as much as she will as a Modern Day 强女。 厉害。能干!  Her status in China will skyrocket.  A reflection of what a woman can achieve in China Today.

Gold digger?  Not if your hubby was a laowai!

Articles and profiles will be written abt her in all the China magazines of the Day.  Many a Chinese Woman will look approvingly upon her conquests and aspire to the same result.  (Remember, in China it is all abt the destination, not the journey) 

Glowering and flattering TV appearances will follow.  She may even be someone’s guest on a PODCAST!  She’ll probably even write a best selling book.  Expect the usual:

“My husband was gone for long periods of time.”

“He was emotionally abusive towards me”.

“We stopped having sex long ago.”

“His kids disrespected and ridiculed me.”

“I couldn’t wait to get out….”

Then she’ll sum it all up with a quaint smile, between clouds of hot tea rising from her cup:

“Life is so less stressful now”.


  1. Dear Fletcher,
    Couldnt find your email, though this serves the purpose.
    Ive been reading your blog since July´13 and I simply love it. Love it love it love it.
    I studied mandarim last year in china along with my bfriend and it was awesome to see China through your eyes!! :) miss that reality!
    I would like to have your email! can u give it to me? couldnt find it!

  2. Replies
    1. hey! u erased your email! i was looking for it because we are going to china in august - end of, and we would like to ask u some advice of places to visit there. can u please give me your email again? kr diana


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