Just lost my fiancee....

Quick spontaneous rant here.....

Just heard the above from one of the readers.....

Dudes, don't focus on beauty in China. All it does is increase competition for you, and headaches.  The prettier the girl in China, the more self entitled she feels.  And can you blame her?
I mean, can you really blame her?  Of course not!

Have I exaggerated?  Of course I have.  We horny laowai all want the prettiest girl in the club.  At least those young bucks in their twenties do. 

My assumption is you are not going after a waitress in a third tier city.

Remember, if your lady is young, you will be nothing more than a "flavor of the month" to her on many occasions. If you are a typical "cheap ass" laowai, you are a splash in the pan. 

And if you don't speak good Chinese, it's just as bad.

Got $?

Got more $?


I lasted(last) as long as I did because I spoke Mandarin and was willing to spend 1000 rmb a week on a lady, take to a nice restaurant, hit the club, etc.  That was cash, btw, not including the card.  A typical dumb no skills China Guy spends that in an hour at the club just for his bottle and green tea.

A very good Chinese friend of mine whom I often served as wingman for spent 10,000 rmb a month!


You need to get along with China Girl.  You need to take walks, and have legitimate meaningful conversations with each other.  This is more insulation than anything else though.  Sooner or later she will mature, and get tired of sitting at the bar with you while her friends have all the face in the world at a table with some loser. 

Sex with China Girl is only one variable in a fucking long equation.  You haven't even met her parents and her family sure as hell hasn't met yours.   I'll say it again, if you really want a China Girl, look for an older one, at least 30-35, who realizes the race has passed her by.   These are the one's that will take a bar seat with you, happily.  Most happily.


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