Ten Years

Ten years is a long time.   In this case, a fantastically long time!  In case you are not a Yank, you wouldn’t know, or even care, but the word is out that Americans will now be granted 10 year visas to China.   In fact, some folks have already received theirs.   This is great news, mostly all around, but is also yet again a reflection of the naiveté that our State Dept has of China, and of Chinese.

Let me state here I have no idea what restrictions will apply.  But it’s fun to speculate.   So here we go:

First the good news.  Not sure about the rules of other countries’, respective of their visa requirements for Chinese, and vice versa, but for me it is the end of my perpetual nagging as regds “why I don’t have special status because of my….well…’special status’”.     Up to now, I’ve always been somewhat obnoxiously  (and nonsensically )annoyed at the fact that I “get treated” like everyone else that wants to go to China. 

My wife is Chinese.   Why can I not get a Chinese Green Card?  I know she has an American Passport but so the fuck what(told you this was nonsensical).   I don’t want my arrogant ass to have to stand in line for a visa with everyone else.  I’m a badass bitch, and you are not.   So shut the fuck up, step aside and have someone give me a Green Card, so I can stop fucking having to suck up with a plastic smile on my face every two years(or one).

This new 10 year gig solves all that.  In fact, I don’t have to go home anymore!   Great news!    As my current visa expires in a few months’ time, it’s great timing. 

Green Cards?  Say goodbye to this program, too.  As long as my inlaws have a ten year visa, do they really need a Green Card with a yearly visitation requirement?  With a ten year visa, won’t they be able to just show up whenever they want?  I.e. not every year(and thus leave me alone)?   I admit to not being too familiar with this aspect of the new ten year visa program.

Meanwhile,  anyone else wanting to do biz in China, or just visit should be able to get the same visa.  Actually, I think China is going to have the same problem America is about to have, though not as worse.  All those English Teachers with their 10 Year Visa’s will be able to more surreptitiously  teach, right?  (probably)

Anybody doing business in China understands that the China Visa issue always kinda hangs like an anvil over your head, quietly, saying nothing, but there all the same.   Well…..problem now solved.

What about America?  That is, Chinese coming to our neck of the woods?

Here’s what:  just last week we had a friend in China matter of factly tell us that,
“soon as I get this new visa, I’m moving to America.  I will bring my child and enroll her in elementary school.   Her public education will be free. Every 6 months when my stay expires, I will simply either slip over to either Mexico or Canada for a quick trip, than come back in to the States.   

"It’s Easy!”

Yep….for some reason, the knuckleheads that thought this program up know nothing, and I mean “shit nothing” about the Chinese mentality.   

We are about to see a flood of Chinese like never before coming over to America….to live.   There will be a great strain on our public school system like never before.

Now let me say something nice for a moment about our public officials.  It’s the thought that counts.   They simply wanted to induce (induce?  Seriously?  ) the Chinese to come to America and spend more money.  The ten year visa is a great marketing tool for tourism.  End of story.

The great winner of this new visa thing will be without question America.  China is about to become very embarrassed at the flood of people(and wealth, baby) streaming into our country.  (now you know the real reason China hoards all that foreign currency for itself!  It would leave China as soon as it arrived, if ordinary people were allowed to keep some)

China may very well see its entire middle class create a 2nd home in America.  Give Chinese credit: when they stand to benefit, they can figure the angle out on anything, better than anyone.  Every corrupt Chinese(more than a few) with the means to buy a house in America will now be able to do so.   (Don’t forget, the average Chinese is only allowed $50,000 in foreign currency transactions per year.)  America will simply become a place they live part of the year. 

Real estate prices will continue to go up.

Private schools will flourish(as Chinese have to pay full tuition, it’s a great deal!)   These private schools, from grade school on up, will really make a ton of money.  If they were stocks, I’d definitely invest in them. 

Chinatowns in every medium sized city will flourish.

American airlines will probably do a great business as well.

Are there some bad things?

Well, as Deng Xiaoping  his highness once said, “when you open the window flies will always come in”.

Hookers will stream over by the hundreds, plying their trade everywhere.  Vegas will continue to prosper.

Want a Chinese bride?  You’ll no longer have to actually go to China to meet her.  Nope, she can come to the States’ now.

You get the picture.


  1. It is nice to be an American for once. I am looking forward to my 10-year visa.

  2. just blogwalking.. Nice post and have a nice day :)


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