Behind the smile....Chinese tell it like it is.....

Thoughts of mainland Chinese that live in America, on America.

We are smarter than you.  You know it, and we know it. 

Black people are lazy.  Why do you treat them so well?  Send them all back to Africa.  No, we do not have any black friends, and no, my daughter will not be dating a black man.  

Hispanics?  They are not lazy.  They cut my grass.  Why they have so many babies?

America is a very racist country.  Why do we say this?  If America was not racist, all Harvard and Yale, and Stanford, would be Chinese students.

Let the poor help themselves.  Stop coddling them.  It’s OK for America to have a vast and permanent  underclass with no hope of upward mobility.  20 or 30 million is nothing.  We have 300 million people in China just like this!

We love America.  It is so clean, and the people so nice.  Someday this country will be ours.  Probably in 100 years.  

China is strong.   We lie, we steal, it is all ok.  You bully China for 100 years, this is what you get!

You do not know China.  Fool.

$500,000 for a Green Card?  So cheap!

Dropping the Atomic Bomb on Japan was a no brainer.  Why did you only drop two?

Everyone wants to contain China.  It is really unfair.  It is only proper that we are a powerful country.  It is our destiny!

I live in America but I am not American.  I only want the US Passport so I can go through customs more easily.  When I am old, I will return to China.  Yes, I will keep the passport.  No, I will not pay taxes.

No, my children cannot have American friends.  If my children have American friends, they will be dumb and stupid like all the other Americans are.  And no, my children cannot play sports!

America is a difficult place to do business in.  We cannot bribe anybody.

America is a great place to do business in.  Government officials leave us alone, and we do not have to bribe any.


  1. So true, so infuriating. Don't worry, your grandkids won't talk like this. Your wife will be so disappointed and cruel to her daughters for letting this happen. But you will be so happy. It's partly inevitable enculturation and partly a reaction against their Tiger Mom. And the real change will take place in the generation after your wife and you die. You won't see it, but you will be able to rest in peace while your wife turns over in her grave.


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