Getting the Iphone in NYC: The video

Below is a video that I’m sure several of you have already seen, or come across.  Thought I’d share with you.  It’s approx. 6 minutes long.    It’s made in NYC. 

While watching the video, notice there are almost NO laowai in line.  In fact, I don’t think I so any.  At least not in the front of the line.

While watching this video I couldn’t help but feel sick with genuine disbelief as to who would make/force their parents to do such a thing.  I think they should put the kids of some of these older folks on TV to explain to everyone the “reasoning” behind such a move.  Of course, that’s the thing about America….one doesn’t have to explain anything to anyone.

Apple knows damn well what is going on here….esp when everyone pays in CASH.

One final comment/observation: there were no professional “line placement holders”.   Only a Chinese would be cheap enough to not use one of those people.   Indeed, is there even a “line placement holder” industry in China?

“Why pay for person to wait in line for me?  I have 93 yr old mother!”  (you stupid Americans….so lazy)

I’m thinking the cops will probably do something in future to keep this from happening again…..

Enjoy the video.  


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