Postscript...Chinese Dinner Party

The other day I talked abt Stress Day, ie Chinese Dinner Party Night at the Fontenot house.  Well, we followed up the following evening with a dinner party at another friends house.   It was nice to be invited, for a change, rather than doing all the cooking ourselves..(my wife, anyway).
This is what our friends prepared for us:

A dish of brussel sprouts with bacon.

A salad

Fried Potatoes

The father of the family had his 13 year old son cook both the brats and the Steaks on the grill. 
It is important to note here that nothing was cooked in advance of our arrival.  Everything was done after we arrived.   (As opposed to my wife spending approx. 6 hrs shopping and cooking)
Me and the Dad sat back and had wine while my wife and his(A Japanese), cooked.
The brats were mostly for the kids.

Total in attendance…2 families…4 adults and 4 kids.
We managed to dump the brownie cake my wife had made the previous night onto our friends.  We had to throw away the fruit salad because the pineapple was bad(more $ down the drain).

We also got rid of what was left of our case of soft drinks.  Still, my wife bought some more cupcakes while I brought over a bottle of wine. 

So the comparison is as follows:

10 dishes to 3
1 soup to nil
Zero steaks to 1
1 fish to nil
1 cake to nil…(though we brought ours over)
1 fruit salad to nil
1 bottle of wine to 1…though we actually drank 2, just the dad and I
5 adults to 4
4 kids to 4

All my wife could say as we came back home at the end of the evening was “We Chinese are really overboard”…我们中国人太过分。


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