Peasant Girls

Lets talk about Peasant Girls.


They are all over Shenzhen. Shenzhen, as I’m sure you know, is a migrant city.   It’s full of them.  So how can one tell a peasant girl from a city girl…ie born and raised in a city?
Let’s ponder the ways….my work is done in the city, and I’ve nothing more momentous to do at the moment:

Peasant girls are the ones on the subway with the 3000 yuan phone and 25 yuan shoes.
Their the ones that take a scooter to the club.  There’s nothing funnier than a chick dressed to kill, hotter than hell, on a grimy, dirty, oily electric bike driven by a poor fella that makes less in one month than the cost of what she’s wearing on the bike.

See the girl walking down the street chewing on sugarcane, spitting it out as she goes….that’s a peasant girl.

She’s the one wearing the hot pants over a pair of stockings in chilly weather.  Gotta love it…..but she’s a peasant girl. 

See a babe with a fat Hong Kong man, more than twice her age, walking down the street?  Good for her, damn great for him….she’s a peasant girl.  (you HK guys speak such great Mandarin!)

Dear, your hot pink shoes just don’t blend with your black leather pants…..peasant girl.
She’s the one as soon as it drops below 60 to put on the faux waist length furry King Kong jacket, complete with massive shoulder pads.  (Are you a linebacker?)   She’s also the one who wears the white, (albeit wool) hot pant suit with the black stockings in the middle of a rainstorm.   (They apparently have neither rain nor puddles where she’s from.)

I, like others, have been greatly privileged to be embarrassingly undressed by the attractive eyes of the opposite sex, while walking down the street.   However, if it happens on a regular basis, sorry to say it’s not your good looks, but just a peasant girl checking you out.

Their the ones that haggle with a taxi driver for a ride within the city.  Even during rush hour.  Their easy to spot.  Their the ones with their head poked in the passenger’s side of the taxi.  They have no interest in paying full fare for anything.   All you need to do is walk over to the taxi.  By the time you’re there, the driver would’ve told them to piss off, and you just get in.   (The haughty look on the girls’ face is to die for.)

(For Shenzhen locals only…) If you ask a girl what she thinks of Coco Park, and she responds with “what’s that”?....peasant girl.   Meanwhile she knows Dongmen backwards and forwards, inside and out.

Peasant girls are cunning, focused, and ruthless.  The Chinese call them "realistic". They are goal oriented.  Imagine Jack Welch as a female with no education, and you have a peasant girl.  Risk taking isn’t an option, it’s a way of life.  They’ve deliberately not chosen the Factory Lifestyle, so now they have to make it work.

They have no health insurance, and no skills to fall back upon.  They are extremely capable, and highly manipulative.  Almost none of them are high school graduates.  Ask them to point out America on a map, or Europe, and they would fail.   Once they find out they can leverage their good looks, you are done for.   You will never attain their love.   They will skillfully take as much as they can while giving as little back as possible.  They have no qualms about “moving on” to the Next Man.  It's all about the GOAL.   (Once they realize they should actually marry, it's too late...prospective suitors have moved on to younger women.)

Unlike city girls, they will have no appreciation for abstract things such as art, travel, politics, talk, or love.   They will not appreciate emotions until they are older.  Yet their knowledge of human nature will far exceed that of a City Girls.   A cultivated man will always choose a Peasant Girl for a girlfriend, but a City Girl for a wife.   A Peasant Man will have no choice.

In conclusion, we need to wrap this up with a serious tone.  It is extremely difficult for the vast majority of these girls to come here.  They have no family, and only a few have friends.  The vast majority of them work in factories, quietly and diligently, 6-7 days a week.  Their just good, sweet innocent ladies trying to save a buck for God knows what.    I’ve had a tough year.  Buy my tough year would be Paradise times 100 for them.   We cannot fully understand the emotional stress they endure leaving home for the first time.  This article is not for them. 


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  2. Your comment doesn't align with this post.
    As for what USA women, think, I'm married to a Chinese, so I will never, ever, care what they think.
    You are in your 20's? You don't even know what you don't know yet.
    Enough said.....

  3. Yeah, okay, if you're married to a Chinese for 20some years, then how come you still feel the need to brag about the "game" you allegedly have with younger women? She must be so proud.

  4. You mistake one's natural evolution for bragging. You need to reread the post. Or else wait 20 years, reread the post,than comment.


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