Another China Grandma paying only $100 in rent

I'm currently deep in the throes of another post, taking a bit longer than I hoped. Alas, I had to drop it to quickly get this out.  Yet another exasperating moment for me;

My inlaws used to have a HUD apartment.  For those outside America, a HUD apartment is government sponsored housing for poor people.

And as I found out, one does not have to be an American citizen to be granted permission to live in a HUD apartment.  However, one does need to at least be a Green Card Holder.

HUD apartments in America are in many places full of people that don't speak English, or certainly weren't born here.  I will come out and say I think in this situation HUD should be for American Citizens first, and GC holders next.  They do have a right, as they do pay taxes(supposedly).

However, while it is designed for poor folks, the loophole in the system is that one's children can be filthy rich.

I give you as an example the poor, lonely lady I insisted we take out for dinner last weekend.

She is Chinese, of course(this is an occasional China blog, right?)

But what struck me about her is that while she has two sons, neither of them live in my city.  Rather, one lives in Chicago, and another in Nashville.  Both several hours drive from here.   I simply couldn't believe she lived alone.  What brought her to my neck of the woods?

Turns out this was the closest place that apparently had an open HUD building with a vacancy.  As for the other HUD properties in Chicago and Nashville, I cannot say who lives there.

Then she later mentioned the son in Chicago sent is daughter to private school in Boston, while the son in Nashville owns ten properties.

Before my jaded mind had time to recover, China Wife told me after her spouse died, she sold their China apartment for over half a million in cash, and split it between her sons. 

While this friendly Chinese Grandma is without question well off, I had to ask China Wife just how she lived there?

"Simple, she explained, just like my parents used to.   Just have no money in our bank account".

Why did China Grandma live there to begin with?  Because otherwise she was lonely.  But here in the local HUD community, she had lots of Chinese friends.

She cannot grasp(Her sons can.  They simply wanted to get rid of her.)   Being lonely simply isn't good enough of a reason to apply to live in HUD.  One must truly be destitute.  Not lonely.  It goes without asking that while she could've have easily lived in a nicer senior community, she chooses instead to live in a bare bones apartment, well, because it's cheaper.

Now let's talk about the local professor at a well known Science and Technology school in my city.  His family also owns around 10 properties here.  They send their youngest daughter to a private school that is an ivy league feeder.  This family pays around $28,000 annually in tuition.

Yet this professor's mother lives in HUD as well.  The same damn building.  Not ten miles from her son's $800,000 house.

Here is the original post.

The abuse in the system is beyond rampant.  Anyone with half a brain should know that Chinese immigrants legally living in America are well paid, and generally upper middle class, at the least.  Not all, but probably 90%. 

If anyone says the income of the kids is irrelevant, that's not seeing the forest for the trees. And if it happens in America, you damn well know it happens in your country, too.


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