Well I'll be damned

I'm back....been back since the weekend.  I've got a few long posts to get out and will get the first one out hopefully(fingers crossed) over the weekend.

I'm stunned my views didn't tank.  I really am.

I'm also a wee bit pissed off I couldn't meet a few of you over there. 

I have a lot on my mind that I want to put down in this blog over the next month or so, some of it rather personal that I'm still debating whether I want to publish or not. 

Quick food for thought before I drop offline again:

How do you stop an economic machine such as China's, with the capitalist behavior of an America cum 1898?

Or how does one control the energy and impulses of a billion Chinese people?

I think the Government and People are very much on the same page, regarding the Future of China.  However, I think they would very much disagree on the method of obtaining that Future.

Lastly, and most depressing, everything we've learned about how to behave and succeed in life is challenged everywhere one looks in China.  I want to focus on this first.  This will be my next post.  Probably a long one. 

Glad to be writing again......


  1. China is very much like America in the late 19th Century. America had the "Go West Young Man" ability due to the remaining open frontier. China doesn't have that as much since even Xinjiang, Tibet, Gansu, etc. have already pretty much been built out. I actually think this is one of the motivations behind the One Belt, One Road. It is necessary to channel the energy somewhere, and sending Chinese around the world building things is probably as good of way of doing it as could be expected.

    1. I would say you are right. A 64 year old retired, Chinese fellow asked me this over dinner a few weeks ago. I told him China in terms of it's sheer no hands barred capitalism is America 1890. In particular to the runup to the Spanish War. I posted about this somewhere. China's nationalism is quite high. The only problem for China is America is no Spain.


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