As I sit here....

Very brief and unusual post on my part.  The newest kid to get into Harvard from my subdivision(there have been at least 3) is at my house as I write this.

He's the one whose Tiger Mom paid another Chinese Harvard graduate  $20,000 to write his application essay.   Our neighbor is a smart, bright fellow, very polite.  Boy has he grown.  But now he's at my house tutoring my daughter.  I wonder what my daughter thinks of all this?

How do her interactions with him change her own mindset towards ethics? How does raising her not become more challenging? 

 Is this young man smart enough to get into Harvard?  Probably.

Does he deserve to get in?  $20,000 says he does. 

Will he ever be "exposed" in the real world?  Of course not!

The trick is getting in.  I'm just leary of my daughter being exposed to this mentality at such an early age.  I don't want her to be jaded before college even starts!


  1. Is is possible to meet up with you for a drink in Shenzhen?

    1. Dude, I am so sorry. I was in Guangzhou for a week and never checked my site during this time.

  2. or you could see her being introduced to the realities of the world at a young age.

  3. Hey, it's indeed a challenge to watch over our kids growing up


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