Everyone is now paying attention to Australia.....

Hi everyone, a bit late commenting on this, but its a big deal.  Simply because a country predominantly with Western values is changing before our eyes, transforming into something else, and like a boy in puberty, is not sure how to react to those changes.

Here are the two links to the previous posts I've written about this.

I am NOT saying those changes are bad!
Chinese People are cool....however, as I've said before in this blog, get ready for two things to happen:

Your real estate will go up, and lots of folks will make money.
Your middle class will be wiped out(like ours) as the best and brightest of China, along with the richest flood your high schools.

They will up the ante in terms of academic competition, ruining the whole damn high school "experience" for everyone.

A kid that would have been a valedictorian merely a decade ago will be maybe only top twenty in his class now.

Anyway, Australia is economically turning into China's vassal and there is nothing that can stop it.  And maybe it is simply only the natural order of things.  

Except economic dominance leads to the belief, "well, I can insert my foot into your politics as well"....

Kinda like  how America probably used to do things!


  1. As an Australian and one who has lived in China for many years I would like to put my views forward.
    There is already growing awareness of the Chinese communist parties influence in politics in Australia. The four corners program on ABC was aired in June: http://www.abc.net.au/4corners/power-and-influence-promo/8579844. Also recently Sam Dastyari a Labour party memeber was found to have taken "political donations" from Chinese "philanthropists": http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-11-29/sam-dastyari-donations-controversy-grows-calls-for-him-to-quit/9208358. Australia has had a problem with said "political donations" as it has allowed them, but politicians are beginning to understand China's intentions:https://www.sbs.com.au/news/foreign-political-donations-to-be-banned-under-sweeping-new-anti-espionage-laws.
    It is appalling Mr.Hamilton's book was not published by allen and unwin, hopefully it will be by another published.

  2. It is appalling Mr.Hamilton's book was not published by allen and unwin, hopefully it will be by another published.
    These are my views, as I have been back in Australia for the last year and don't see too many traces of real estate going up because of Chinese buyers. An example of this is in a suburb outside of Brisbane in Sunnybank. There are a lot of Asian buyers in this area, particularly mainland Chinese. The houses there were government housing areas which have then been sold onto overseas buyers. The areas prices have increased but not significantly. The same can be said in Sydney and Melbourne. Commonly we see "Chinese" moving into areas, but mostly the money seems to have been pulled together by their families e.g mum, dad, uncles and aunts etc. Most Chinese (even thoughs with million dollar apartments in China) are still relatively poor in comparison to the average Australian. In fact buyers from overseas who drive prices up in Australian cities are predominately from the UK and America. I live in the Byron Shire region. A town called Lennox Head had a house which was sold for $6 million aud from an overseas buyer in New York. In a small town in Brunswick Heads a 'knock down' house was sold to a Melbourne family for $2.5 Million. There are no Chinese in this area, only the ones who own the takeaway and live above their shop.
    The money the mainland Chinese bring in is small biscuits compared to your average Australian, American or European investor. There are just lots of them. Hopefully the interference in politics will be cleared up soon and 'silent invasion' will be published.
    Actually also my friends have told me the mainland Chinese also have a lot of difficulties doing well in universities; writing essays, debate etc. due to the lack of such education in China. I have taught in international schools in China and can confer with this. They just aren't as great as people make out

    1. Corrupticon!

      Cool name.

      Cool of you to put your comments forward for us all to see.

      Couple of things...."silent invasion" is the proper phrase. But it is not as bad as you might think.

      The Chinese along with the Indians here in America have saved the housing market. Up and down the avenue closest to my subdivision are tony 800k USD houses going up, all being snapped up by Chinese and Indians...which in turn makes my house(and yours) more valuable.

      School....you are dead on. When I was in grad school, I was appalled with how badly the Chinese gave presentations, etc. They are not dumb, but rather a simple product of their school system.

      Hate to break it to you, but your Australian uni's along with God knows ours will happily reach out and grubbily take Chinese money. As I've said before on this blog, if American Universities were public stocks, they'd all be trading at all time highs. The Chinese subsidize many a piss poor fraud of a school here, but also help to keep many a State schools(Georgia, Florida, Michigan, etc) flush with money.

      The downside is the skill sets these immigrants bring takes all motivation away from Big Business to train local workers. Which sucks.

      Thx for your comments!

  3. **UPDATE**

    After being knocked back several times, the book finally found a publisher; https://www.booksandpublishing.com.au/articles/2018/02/06/101588/hardie-grant-to-publish-hamiltons-silent-invasion/

    In a related note I made a comment ages back to one of your posts about Australia signing a FTA to China where I made a prediction on the security apparatus stepping in. Not to brag because I am just a armchair analyst but; http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-01-31/threat-of-espionage-greater-than-during-cold-war/9379132

    This whole incident has caused a significant amount of blow back for China. Whether it actually changes anything remains to be scene. I like to be hopeful.

  4. Well fucking congrats on your book!!!!
    I would love to this blog into a self published book....someday.....

    Australia is on the front lines, my friend....


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