Quick take on North Korea

Once again I find I’m forced to stop what I’m doing to get something off my chest.  Silliness intervenes. The post I wanted to write will simply have to wait.  What I’m writing about is ludicrous I know, but even more so when I feel I must spend precious time addressing a topic that is so beaten and worn down that nobody would even place a bet towards the actuality of it even taking place.
This may be one of the least read posts of my blog. 

I’m referring to the Trump Insanity of which those of us in America must all live with.  In this instance, the daily drumbeat of actually going to war with North Korea.  Led into war of course by an immature and somewhat mentally incapacitated President.   Enabled by more than a few.

I feel guilty when I admit I do have a perverse emotional pleasure of annihilating a country and every army that stands in the way, if that is what it takes to give a dictator his comeuppance.  (Pretty easy to say as I sit here on my sofa with a nice coffee in hand.)

A land where the people are filled with intestinal parasites and an army some say will not fight.   I am tempted to say that one day justice will be meted out, but you know what?  I have my doubts.  The Chinese will simply shield them. 

Still, I’m bothered by the instability of a man that should absolutely frighten Xi Jinping, and his cohorts.  Then I hear others saying how “we are closer to war with North Korea” with each missile test.


I wanted to write this because a few things stick out to me that I haven’t heard very much about.
I’m not gonna have a laundry list of scenarios, but I do have one question:

How is America NOT gonna keep China from occupying the top half of North Korea?

My take; it’s not.

How does one gather an army for an invasion without China noticing?  How does America gather four or five carrier battle groups steaming off the coast of North Korea without China noticing?  Because you know what folks?  China is gonna know.  Does America actually go to war with North Korea without first telling China?

I mean, which way is best?  How does America win here?

“Let’s take China by surprise!  Oh shit, CNN just told everyone!  Fuck!”


“Let’s come clean with China.  That way all the North Korean leaders can escape!  And the Red Army can have even more troops ready for action!”

Let’s be clear; China and America will not be fighting in North Korea.  But they sure as hell will hook up and meet somewhere in the middle.  It will be a race for territory.  And china will probably win that race.  After all, the Northern part of North Korea is unguarded, right?  And we all know China will never give it up.  After all, as silly as it sounds to the rest of us, China actually thinks America, should it ever come to the Yalu, will indeed someday attack or do something.  Or maybe it simply doesn’t want America’s fancy radar able to peek into China.   Like most people, it simply doesn’t want a perceived rival “hanging around”.

I learned a long time ago most countries do not want  Korean Unification.  Not China.  The South Koreans will simply move all their factories to North Korea.   Not Japan….it will make Korea stronger at Japan’s economic expense.

On and on…

Yeah, China and Russia are probably guilty of thinking too much.  They think America will have air bases right up to both the Russian and Chinese borders.  And maybe in the depths of the Cold War, it would have.   But what America will probably do is figure out a way to save money and withdrawal a lot of its army. 

But North Korea itself it seems to me is in danger of setting up the scaffolding for its own fall.  If the news is true that NK is really on the verge of creating an ICBM that can strike anywhere in America, than does not America have the right to attack to protect its own population?

I should probably give Trump his kudos here.  His thinking is unorthodox and in fact does mirror the thinking of a large part of America itself.  We’ve been too nice for too long.   (I think I’ve written a post or two about that.) 

But actually acting upon one’s thinking regarding North Korea is indeed dangerous.
South Korea and Japan have both lived under missile threat for years. Decades!
Everyone talks about the threat to South Korea.  How South Korea will be caught up in a Sea of Fire. (Millions will die!)

By the way I think that’s garbage.  There is one particular study out there that says yes South Koreans in Seoul will die, but it is likely to be tens of thousands.  Not to minimize the carnage that will take place.  And that’s only if North Korea doesn’t use nukes.

Well….what about Nihon? Aren’t they themselves already under this missile threat as well? North Korea has already fired missiles over Japan.  And yet no one, absolutely nobody is talking about North Korean missiles pummeling Tokyo. 

Are the Japanese ready for that?  Nevermind Seoul.  If this crazy guy running North Korea sees the end near, what would keep him from destroying Tokyo? (Please, someone tell me I’m wrong!)

So I see two things happening here; One, China racing south to divide up North Korea in two, creating a militarized buffer between South Korea and China. (They’ll say its temporary, but trust me it won’t be) and Two, North Korea launching missiles at Tokyo just to prove a point.

There is no way an attack on North Korea can sneak up on China.  And there is no way to keep China out of North Korea, should an attack actually take place.  Oh China will say it is in order to keep refugees out, but the real reason will be that buffer.    An attack by America and South Korea will have to go through mountainous terrain.  And it would take weeks of fighting just to absorb North Korea’s military might before an American advance could even begin.  By that time the Red Army would already be in Pyongyang.

 The only thing a war will do is kill a lot of North Koreans.  It won’t unify Korea.


  1. Another great post.. Love to read it. Allways. You are damn right, america does not attack, cause it can not keep chinese out of post war korea.

    Now, i have no idea what west did, in middle east and specially WHY. Kuan Lee put it nicely :" it was just distraction". Chinese building skyscrapers, metros all around, plus hecking western governments, companies. Meanwhile west bombed shit out of primitive tribes in the middle of desserts.So productive

    Apparently it did not make russians scared neither.They winning geo strategly, yea they winning big. Crimea - was smoothly done, what a masterpiece of move. Can only admire. And they destroyed future of ukrainie, took control of east part. Made a buffer. Around 10k deads. Compare this to numbers in the middle east. And let not us forget about syria.
    Meanwhile china building up navy and preparing to control 90 % of south chinese sea, and rocket man threating americans to nuke em with nuclear.
    I mean how it looks to me, America gotta do somethink.
    Now, if they could take and control Pyongyang before chinese... what a lose of face... but probably can not. But america gotta do somethink about indeed.

    1. Well "melucky", much thanks for your point of view! You seem to know alot about the world.....


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