One Year Anniversary

Well, folks, it'll be one year in a week or two.  I've looked at other personal blogs abt China and quite frankly, I don't see how they've done it as long as they have( stands out).

I've tried to not be like most of the other blogs out there and just report the news.  Alot of the blogs report the same news anyway.  My personal preference is....well, a personal blog giving my insights on whatever piques my interest.  I've got several lined up actually, all China themed of course, based on my personal observations. 

For now, I just wanted to share which posts on my blog have been the most popular to date.
The top 3 have been:

Lot of folks want to marry a Chinese, I guess. 

In response to all the sob stories I hear from the Laowai.
One of the fews posts I just had to get out of my system before I exploded!

I’ve been a bit surprised to see the top two in the top spot.   Honestly speaking, it tells a lot about my audience.   

Now, those three with the least hits…those I qualify as proper posts anyway:

A bit surprised this posting is on the list.  I haven’t reread it in a very long time, but I will make time, to.   What inspired me to write it was the demonstration I saw in Shenzhen.  The first allowed demonstrations I’d ever seen there, actually.   Shenzhen being such a biz like town, their equivalent of our NYC, I think(more so than Shanghai).    Thus seeing all the youth, who are there expressly to make money and what not, take time from their money making activities to participate(and lead!) a demonstration was impressive.  I learned a lot abt China that day.   About how the youth are so galvanized by Japan.   How successful the Chinese Propaganda Machine has been.   All very, very telling.

The unpopularity of this post has surprised me, I guess.  I thought it would be more popular than it was.  I guess what I wrote was just common knowledge, and thus…..old hat.

I obviously didn’t strike a chord with this posting.   I thought it was informative…..but could just be poor writing.  I haven’t read any of the above in ages.  I will endeavor to do so.

Which post is my personal favorite?  I’m not sure….I’ve got several.  Too tired at the moment to actually put them to paper, though.   Maybe someday I’ll do a TOP 5 for kicks and giggles.
I just returned from a biz trip, that involved 9 hrs of roundtrip driving.  I need to  veg out a bit.  I’ve got the next 4-5 posts planned out.    One of which is one of those “if I don’t do it I’ll explode” types. 
Thank you everybody for your comments….(not many, I know).   It’s here though I want to give a shout out to Sinolicious for allowing me to post on their site.  Kalan Star is the founder of the blog.  

It’s a Shanghai oriented site.    I get a lot of hits on a few of my posts that I’ve put up there.  Dumbass that I am, I am so new to blogging and how to blog, I totally neglected the fact that most folks cannot access my blog in China, unless they have a VPN.   That includes me!   I’m not an IT guy, and I lack the audacity to create my own independent website because I lack the knowledge of fending off hackers.



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