My parents and Hers

My parents, her parents, and the distance between Earth and Saturn.

1.       Didn’t do drugs and have never heard of the Beatles
2.       Haven’t had sex since before people thought Elton John was straight
3.       “Why are there no bones in my fish?”
4.       Have a monthly combined pension of 10,000 rmb(are both college grads)
5.       Have combined traveled to Russia, the Bahamas,  Hong Kong,  Japan,  Singapore, Thailand, Canada and the USA
6.       My inlaws dye their hair black.
7.       My Mother in law is a good karaoke singer
8.       Tried like hell to keep me from marrying their daughter
9.       We have a pool they never use
10.   Both are in bed by 10pm

1.       Don’t know what the little red book is
2.       Have seen each other naked within the past week
3.       “You mean you steam white rice?”
4.       Have a monthly combined pension of 10,000 rmb(are both high school dropouts)
5.       Have never left the USA
6.       My mom still bleaches her hair blonde.
7.       My mother sang country music with a live band and had the words memorized.
8.       My parents couldn’t care less when I married a Chinese woman.
9.       My mom still wears a bikini(and I have last weeks pic to prove it!)

10.   My mom still clubs…..(she’s 65)


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