Do you have a Tigerwife?

Do you have a Tigerwife?

Does your wife ask you why you hired a female employee?

Does she flat out say “no” when you tell her you are considering hiring a female employee?

Does she get upset when you take a picture with a female coworker?

If your wife lives in America(or any other country) and you are stationed in China, does she get upset 
when you take an overnight trip unless you tell her the reason for the trip, the name of the hotel you are staying, and the phone number?   Nevermind you have a cell number. (don’t forget the charger like I did!)

Does your wife get upset when your phone ghost calls her at 3am(while she’s in America) while you are clubbing?  Does she retaliate by calling you the next evening 46 times to see what you are up to?

Does your wife ask you why you went to a movie theater to see a movie rather than stay home and watch it alone on DVD?   Does she than pester you as to who you saw the movie with?(no one goes to a theater alone, right?)  Does she ask you pointblank if you saw the film with a male or female?

Does your wife ask you why you spend so much money in China?  ie 1000rmb per week!

Does your wife call your assistant to enquire as to where the hell you are when you don’t hear the phone ringing?

Does your wife ask you why you’re still in bed when she calls you at 8am?

Does  your wife ask  you why you’re up so late when she sees you online via Messenger or Skype?

Does your wife throw a temper tantrum when you are watching ESPN at home on Sunday morning?

Does she criticize you for not going to church?

Does your wife get upset when you admit you went out for a drink? 

When time to buy a new car is the main reason your wife wants a Lexus rather than a good ole Honda so she can feel like “I’ve made progress in my life”?   (Nevermind the 5000 sq foot house and pool.)

And finally……does your wife just finally fess up and admit “the main problem with you is you don’t do what you’re told”!


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