China Man needs to chill out

Trust me, you are making it hard for all of us.

Yes, I know, I’ve sympathized with you in the past.  You need to buy a house and a car just to get a chick to look at you, blah blah blah.  Chinese women are gold diggers.  Yes, I know that, too.  They like the Laowai….well, because their laowai.   And I’ve also muttered about their undersexed moms, most of whom would rather play mahjong and gossip until 2am than come anywhere near a man.   
In short, there is no one of non HAN BLOOD who has publicized your plight more than I. 

As only Nixon could go to China, you too, my over eager friend, simply need to cut me slack on this one.

Still….you guys have got to learn how to pick up women.   Or rather, do something that will not make it harder on the rest of us.

Because your methods are…well, shall we say…..Self defeating.   I’m tempted to say laughable, but I won’t.(whoops)

There are many, many reasons why women are increasingly refusing marriage after the cutoff line” of 25. 

You are ONE of them.

Relax… we aren’t talking permanent habitation here, ok?

Guys just wanna have fun.

Yet you’re “driving the price up.”

Not every grain of sand is a diamond.

Yet there are reasons why Chinese girls do not answer phone calls, and do not return text messages(no, I swear, I do not think I am one of them!).   There are reasons why I hear girls say all the time,

“I can get married whenever I want to.”

Yep….why is that?  Why do these women have that eerily scary self confidence about them?

As a collective group, YOU are the reason beautiful women are increasingly hard to find in clubs…unless they have a table and $200 of booze in front of them.
Have you ever seen a table with four(yeah, count’em) babes and one loser?  He knows he’s not going to get laid tonight, right? (Apparently not. ) Meanwhile those four babes are out of play.  
Methinks clubs are an extremely inefficient use of resources.  
What other culture has a male populace that accepts that alltime buzzkill phrase when a woman is asked out:

到时侯再说吧。。。。。???(daoshihou zai shuoba)

Or….”let’s talk abt it when the time comes”

“Hey..wanna get dinner Friday night”?

“What day is it now”?

“It’s Sunday”

Daoshihou zai shuoba


Isn’t that just a polite way of saying something akin to…..” fuck off!”?

The Giving Kind…….
I knew a chick once who, (on only our 2nd encounter) told me a guy that was interested in her had urgently called her to meet him at a certain corner.   His voice sounded panicked.   She went.  He gave her a thick envelope and jumped back in his car.  She opened it up.  It was a wad of cash.   (I don’t know why she was telling me this story….I wasn’t going to give her any damn money.)
I came across a girl once who proudly said that ever since she’d been hitting the clubs she had never once had to buy her own drink!   I told you in an earlier post Chinese women are smarter than men.  They are wilier than men, and to their detriment(I think) choosier as a result.  They know all men of all countries are cads.   Yet the almost desperate behavior of Chinese men to pick up a woman….well it’s depressing.

Could we see some subtlety, pls?    As Bill Cosby once complained that comedy can be done without vulgarity, can we see a Chinese Man pick up a woman without flashing his wallet?  Without asking to buy her a drink before she’s stepped two feet into the bar?

Chinese women like to complain they can’t find a good man in a bar…..while at the same time throwing themselves at the highest bidder. 

This approach only encourages aggressive Male behavior, don’t ya think?
It is here, I must confess my undying admiration for the daunting courage of the Chinese Male.    His complete ignorance of the imminent failure of his approach nonwithstanding, HIS ability to swoop down and hit on a babe with no chance of success is admirable.   Before you open your mouth the Chinese Women already thinks you’re a cad.   But wave a glass of Chivas in front of her, and she’s all yours for the night.  Until she leaves the club.

Now if the Chinese Woman wasn’t so eager to accept the free bottle of beer that a Chinese Man offers maybe she wouldn’t be the way she is.  But the fact is….she is more than EAGER to accept that free bottle of beer or glass of watered down booze. 

Doesn’t the Chinese female know nothing is for free? 

Apparently not……

The lack of self confidence in the typical Chinese Male is appalling.  Therefore money is used to compensate.    And once Chinese Man has established the rules of the game, it makes it harder to break in.   Chinese Female suffers, too.    By whoring herself to free booze, she precludes herself from meeting quality men as well.     And now it comes full circle….only men that are willing to show her a good time get her attention.    (Money=Quality, right?)  

It’s no wonder Chinese Female is always complaining she can’t meet a good guy in a club.   She’s chasing the wrong ones.


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