Thank you Apple

Nice going, Tim.
China’s big bully singles you out for ridicule and scorn, it backfires in a very public way, and China public opinion tilts in your favor.
And you give the ball away.
What were you thinking?
What was your public relations team thinking?
I know, I know, you are a long term guy.  China’s mkt will eventually surpass America’s. You made a calculated business decision.  I understand that.  Some day China’s sales volume will not only surpass that of the mother country, but greatly surpass anything you see in the States’.
I get it.
But you could have stopped this baseless propaganda machine in it’s tracks.   
Instead, you’ve just opened yourself up to large scale fraud.
Don’t you know anything about the ordinary consumer?
You obviously don’t understand the Chinese consumer.
Giving a free automatic one year warranty after each replacement is rather naïve.
“Whoops, my phone just broke.”
Remember when a certain, enlightened warehouse wholesaler in America had a 1 year warranty on computers?
By month 11 there were suddenly a lot of returns.
Now you’ll have to give the same warranty to America and eventually Europe.
Whatever returns you have in America will be exponentially greater in China.   Just start with the population, and do the math…..and if you try and complain, you will just be looked at as yet another nefarious capitalist bully, trying to cheat the system.
We’ll all watch when you try and someday renege on that warranty.
As for now, you’ve just made it harder on every honest foreign company that does business in China.


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