Grin and bear it

We need China to be poor again….continued
Counter to what everyone thinks, espouses and believes,  the global village would just be better off if China were poor again.
Yep, you heard me right.

Don't get me wrong......being poor sucks. 
But what’s the point of being rich, if most people within the country can’t share in it?

A poor China is a more stable China. 
America would be better off, too.
We can make our socks somewhere else.   I can sleep at night if my socks jump up in price a staggering .25 cents a pair.
They’d have to bring the factories and jobs back home.

We can transfer factories to Latin America.  A stronger LA is a stronger America.   A prosperous neighbor makes the whole street shine.    Nowadays you have to think global.  By that I mean we have to think in terms of our neighborhood.  And our neighborhood needs another coat of paint.  That means we need to figure out a way to get all those jobs over to Peru, Brazil, and all those other countries South of the Rio Grande. 

Because China as I see it today just ain’t working out. 

A country as large and as unwieldy as China is nothing but a kid driving dad’s big Buick all over the highway .   Cars swerve to get out of the way.     Neighbors won’t walk their dog on the sidewalk anymore.  
When China implodes, it will be ugly.  China was less volatile poor than it is rich.  As such, it’s more dangerous and unstable.  

Case in point:

Heavy trafficking in illegal fishing.  Thanks to a wealthy China that doesn’t give a damn  about natural resource protection,  sharks are being killed by the millions.  Have you ever eaten Sharks Fin soup?  It doesn’t taste bad.  Until you hear the poor shark doesn’t die when definned.  Rather, it just sinks to the bottom and starves to death. 

Pollution-China already emits by far a greater % of greenhouse emissions than anyone else, and it won’t get better anytime soon.     In fact, expect it to get worse.     Does China have an EPA gas mileage std?  Not that I’m aware of.   Car usage will continue to rise, as the people get wealthier.  Coal usage will continue at high levels.   Industries will continue to dump until their caught.   All those solar panels you hear about China making are 99% for export .

More nationalistic….Diaoyu Islands.
Could someone tell me just how controversial this issue was in the 70’s and 80’s?  I thought so.
Less congenial neighbor….bullies the Philippines and Japan, won’t help with the North Korea or Syrian issues. 

Anytime there is an issue that riles American policy, nevermind  the Western world, that pretty much decides Chinese policy right there.  That is, whatever American policy is, I’ll just be the opposite. But if I were a Chinese, I’d pretty much scratch Syria off my “must see list”, for say, oh, the next 10 years or so.   You’ll be less welcome than those guys with the Star of David flag.

Driving Korea and Japan to the nuclear option.   Japan and South Korea both are considering openly developing nuclear weapons now, because of the North Korean turmoil.   Of course, China doesn’t want to help stabilize things(see above).

Why does China not want to help stabilize things?  Because the fella’s in Beijing just love sticking America in the eye, and this is the only issue they got!    They also claim they don’t want a massive refugee exodus  towards their side of the border.   That’s really global thinking for a super power wannabe.

Hey, China… many soldiers did you guys lose during the Korean War?   All that blood for an “ally” that reciprocates by thumbing it’s nose at you.   How’s that working out?

Question is this; how long do we have to wait until we can trust China to get it’s act together? 

Answer:  an extremely long time. 

Why such the fuss:   because China is so damn big, anything they do has an effect on us all.  Does the world have the patience?

Answer:  grin and bear it….you ain’t got no choice.

Does the USA have the same problems as China, in terms of wealth disparity?
You bet, and I don’t like it one bit.  We can’t seem to stop from falling over ourselves to avoid the appearance of doing something for the benefit of the American people.

But we at least have controls in place to publicly attempt to manage and defuse the situation, along with plenty of public debate.   That at least dampens everybody’s fuse.   That’s the good side of Democracy.  

We’ll eventually  learn our lesson, and after way too much talking, things will work out.  China?  Well, they have the opposite problem.  That is, they don’t talk enough.   The poor folks there can’t have a town hall meeting, because quite frankly, to the powers that be, the local members of Chinese society just aren’t qualified in the nuance of what’s best for themselves, and oh by the way, they aren’t Party Members either.

Pls trust us to solve this disparity of wealth problem for you, just after I transfer the money I gained from selling property to developers that I stole from peasants.  Than we can talk.


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