Things I “Relearned" Part One

(Hi Everyone, I'm finally back and thanks for not entirely deserting me!  I've decided due to my busy afterwork schedule to try a new blogging format for the time being.  My posts will be shorter, but hopefully also more frequent, at least in the short term. I hope to go back to my longer length posts soon as I can.)

I've been back a week.  My jetlag is gone.  Work is ok I guess, and my trip was great.  From a professional point of view it went very well.  But I learned some things.

First thing I learned it this:  Almost every Chinese girl out there I meet wants to have an "emotional affair".  Far viewer are ready for anything physical.   Many talk the talk....they don't walk the walk.  But I'm a passing ship in the that's ok.

Perhaps my biggest takeaway from my recent 17 days in China was really more of a reinforced point of view:

The vast majority of Chinese couples have a passionless marriage.  Both sides are to blame.  The root cause is still the same.  "Forced" 相亲 marriages.   Or simply falling out of love over time, as all Peoples do.  But quite often China Man simply loses sexual interest in China Wife after a child is born.

But as I'm a Man, I of course lean more towards the "other side"; 

I blame China Woman.

Awhile back if you recall I wrote a post about a chick I wound up having a short term affair with.  She had a teenage son, lived in Shenzhen but readily admitted she was from the countryside.  She was short, dark, with a fantastic body and so-so face, but with a sexual desire I've rarely seen China Girl.

And I grew tired of her(beside the point, yes paint me bad, it's ok).  She admitted she had married too young and only had sex with her husband once a month.  She simply assumed he was having other affairs, too.

My point is my last trip again reinforced to me how little sexual desire China Woman has for China Man. 

Never mind the jealousies, the incessant arguing they may or may not have.  We as Men and Women on this planet must not strive to accept lonliness as a requirement for survival.   China Man "fucking around" doesn't count as "fucking around" if China Man isn't getting fucked by his wife.   You'll notice I didn't say "laid". 

You want China Man to be faithful?  Post his pictures on your WeChat once in awhile.  Don't travel back to your hometown as much.  Get him a damn birthday gift on his birthday.  Yeah, even if he doesn't get you one. 

Which brings me back to China Woman.  Please don't ask me to engage in having an "emotional affair" with you.  I'm sorry China Husband doesn't buy you a gift on your birthday, or take walks with you by the river.   My life is short.  "Emotional" anything won't do.  Please don't make me your "crutch". 

So why do China Man and China Wife not divorce even more frequently than they are now?  Simple....the apartment they jointly own!!  They've simply decided(like me and China Wife have) to simply "live together" while the children are home, have occasional boring, mechanical sex, and let things play out.

I remember a very long time ago, I was called out for this by you guys, and I didn't back down.  Dammit I don't want to live in an apartment complex filling out a fucking credit score form when I have a 5000 sq foot house and a pool down the street.  Fuck that!  And I think that makes me normal.

China Man isn't in the same situation?  Sure he is!
China Woman can go without sex much easier than China Man.   Afterall, China Man is still....a Man.


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