When will China let us back in?

 Now is a good time to be a laowai in China  I mean, nowadays one really sticks out like a sore thumb.  All "legitimate" laowai have long since left the Heavenly Kingdom.   All expats, and professionals are long, long gone.  And if you are still there, it is because you perhaps have no way out.  Or you have no prospects back home.  The only one's left are teachers really.  I mean, they have the place to themselves, so to speak.  What joy!

This worm has turned time and time again.  First we fled, then the virus overwhelmed the West, and a few tried to "flee" back to China.   China of course wouldn't let any of us "contaminated" folk back in. 

Good politics, you see.  Good politics to keep us out.

So China got the last laugh, until it didn't.   Now the West has a slew of pretty good vaccines coming out, and China is soon to be in a tough spot.  

How much longer will the Heavenly Kingdom keep vilifying the West?  Because within six months most of Europe and North America along with maybe even Latin America will have taken the vaccine.  

Then what?

With the West having been vaccinated with a probably better vaccine, will China continue to keep us out?  And what reason will be given?  Will the Chinese be wondering when they themselves can get the vaccine?

And what of The West towards China?  Will they in turn demand that all Chinese visiting their country first show proof of a vaccination?  How difficult will we want to be?  Will we want to "show up" the Chinese?  

The answer will rely upon China itself.  If the Chinese insist all Western businessmen and tourists show proof of a vaccination, I say fair enough. Makes sense to me.   Now guess what?  All Chinese coming to the West must do the same. 

Currently, the Chinese vaccines have not released their third phase results yet, despite having had a headstart of a few months.  Will the West demand all Chinese visitors to their country first show proof of having been vaccinated by a Western vaccine?  Ok.....the Chinese will demand the same of us, with their vaccine.  

I don't think it's a problem for most of us here, to get vaccinated before going there.  But will the Chinese be able to get hold of enough supply to vaccinate their own people?  And if China tries to first use that vaccine to vaccinate Turkey, or Brazil, rather than China, how will the Chinese react? 

I can see many a thought coursing through the minds of many a Chinese in the club;  

"How can I say I'm safe when the laowai has been vaccinated but I haven't?"

Once the Chinese start allowing us unruly barbarians back inside the gate, many a Chinese will start wondering how truly safe they are if they themselves have yet to be vaccinated.   China is truly a big place.  And it has solved this virus problem "China Style".   But don't think the virus has just gone away.  For one thing blaming foreigners everytime a new outbreak is discovered will continue to be tough to do. 

But I do know this.  Those of with staff to meet, factories to review, can't stay away for forever, right?

And what of the other places I have to visit?  Vietnam and Thailand and Taiwan?  Will they open before China?  I think they will.  And will that put pressure on China to open up?

And what of India? A dangerous place to be right now.  Methinks they will open up before China.  Actually, I think everyone will try and steal a march on China.  

We shall see. 


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