You really want way too much to be loved

The other day in WeChat I received a post about yet ANOTHER diatribe from either some individual or a bunch of individuals regarding foreigners in China.

The post was basically about how two faced us laowai are.  Our lips say "we love" China, but our actions tell a different story.  There were lots of pix, and they used as a reference many five year old posts from Reddit's infamous ccjerk thread(who's readers still visit this blog, and did so even this past week),  along with some South African dude made famous by his Youtube posts.

First of all, the Reddit folks are old, old news.  May as well be last century.  The folks on the China thread were supposedly a bunch of "loser" American teachers in China.  I don't know.  And I will not judge.  But I did write a post many eons ago about my experience with Reddit.

While they do not represent the average American in China, they may very well represent the average young, bored, white teacher in China fresh out of college with no positive prospects back home.  After all, if one is a young college graduate with a job offer, why go to China to teach?

It is hard for any single man to NOT like China.  But for the young especially so.  Let's face it;  all of us are still a novelty.   Maybe less than 5% of all Chinese ever even speak to an a foreigner(a number I'm pulling out of my ass).  And maybe one in a thousand Chinese ever have a conversation of substance with a laowai in their own language(see above).

Once this conversation is over we move on.  But for the Chinese on the other end, unless they deal with laowai day in and day out(a bartender or KTV girl come to mind), it is something they will probably remember for many years after, and even recount to others when they return to their hometown.  Sounds conceited and arrogant I know, but I'm just using math here.

And regarding young, available and pretty Chinese girls, probably only one in a few hundred ever have sex with one of us.  If a pretty Chinese girl really wants to have sex with a devil, the odds are close to 100% that will happen.  Just go to a damn laowai club.  But my point is very few Chinese girls actually think that way.  

Very few Chinese girls wake up on a Friday with the notion, "I think I'll get fucked tonight by a white dude".

Sorry.  Not reality. 

But the Chinese kids writing the posts of vitriol all the same think otherwise.  

For every PornHub upload of some dude knocking out his Chinese "girlfriend" in England, there are twenty of some Chinese dude fucking a Chinese whore in some Chinese hotel.   Or of a Chinese couple/girlfriend.    I haven't seen any of those posts online however.  Why is that?

But I assure you there are far more Chinese girls living their life in fear of a future Chinese Husband or BF finding that ONE video from 2014(on PornHub with another Chinese dude) than of Chinese girls in fear of such videos showing up with their former laowai. 

Indeed, to this day, I can tell you my former Chinese lover still talk about me to their friends.   She and I lived together for a year, and I'm telling you it was one of the best years of my life.   And she can't speak a damn word of English.  And there are hundreds of other Chinese girls with the same experience more than happy to talk about it with their closest friends. 

Are there bad experiences with us?  But of course!  But I think the positive experiences still outweigh the bad.  They just don't make good copy.

And here's why:

If this girl is now married, do you think she's gonna publicly bring up the past online?  Of course not!

And if she's not married, do you think she wants to live through all the scorn she'll get from bored loser China Dudes online?   All of whom have spent more money on sex than on books, or job training or what have you.

And some laowai, though good intentioned, simply bring the dump upon themselves.   This South African dude stayed so long in China, why?  Easy enough....could it be China is a better place to live than South Africa? 

Go find his videos on youtube.  He found a nice looking, divorced woman to marry.  She won the fucking lottery.  And I'm wagering he's happy too.   But when one talks honestly about China, or anywhere, one will get pushback.  An angry glare.  Vitriol.

I guess I'm just saying China still expects, like a child, to be loved unconditionally, way too much.  Like a wayward boy caught playing tackle football during recess when flag football was only allowed, and after violating the rules time and time again, when expecting a mere tap on the wrist with a ruler, instead gets that big piece of wood with the holes in it leveled squarely on his ass.

Then he either pouts, or bawls like a baby. 

You broke the rules, and got punished.  That's called growing up.  But China is never going to grow up, because it doesn't have to.  For the sake of a cheaper bicycle we all look the other way.   China is never gonna get the "it's time you grow up and become a man" speech we all got. 

God Bless China, it so wants to be treated like a superpower.   And someday it will be.  But stop getting pissed off when others violate your world view.  Stop being so thin skinned.  Grow up!

How can a society develop when you publicize every bloody nose or broken heart a laowai gave somebody? 

You are actually gonna let a bunch of reddit school teachers bring you down?  And what took you 5 years to find the thread?   Those guys can all be investment bankers by now, who knows?   

One thing I learned early, early on when living or traveling abroad is that EVERYONE and his fucking dog has a problem with  America.    I've had people from Cyprus complain to me about American foreign policy towards their country(island/territory/whatever).   As if I can sit down and pull a State Dept briefing paper out of my ass and give it to him.  The nice thing about China is that I'm exposed to Iranians, Jordanians, you name it, much more so than I ever would be in America. 

I used to actually debate these folks.  Now I just listen and drink bourbon.  Hoping they'll go away.

When will China stop taking such umbrage at foreigners and their little slip ups?  Probably not until the next Lu Xun comes along.  


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