Poor Canada. Always being accused of being someone's bitch

The rivers move at their own current, creating their own path.  We cannot hurry them along.  Sometimes fast, sometimes slow.  So it is with Justice in America.

Nobody knows where this story is going with the arrest of Chinese Royalty up in Canada.

Especially if easily giving in to America's request opens it up to accusations of being America's bitch.

Yet if this arrest had taken place under the Rule of Obama, the Chinese probably wouldn't be as suspicious.  Knowing how self righteous Mr. O was.  Yet, as it happened under the morally challenged Trump, the Chinese think the Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou is being made a pawn in a game.  And as it happened while Trump was meeting Xi, it simply makes the Chinese look as if they've been played.

Which sucks if you happen to be Mr. Xi.

And as usual, when it comes to this sort of thing, at first glance, America holds most of  the cards.

But if you ask me, the issue here reflects the Great Divide the Chinese living abroad have with the Chinese Still Stuck in China.

That is.....

The Chinese Still Stuck in China naturally think that whatever happens in the West is naturally a decision of one person, or a small group of people.  Every decision down to how the weather will be tomorrow is deliberately, and well thought out.

The fact she may actually be guilty?  The Chinese will never read that phrase on the Mainland.

The Chinese abroad hopefully no better.

Trump says he knew of the arrest in advance, but I uh, doubt it.  As we should know, politics and enforcement of the law within the West are separated by a "Chinese Wall".   Still, I can't help but think somebody in Trump's World must have known this was gonna go down.....right?

The Law simply doesn't need the permission of the President to arrest someone.  Nor do they even have to inform anyone outside the law that this will take place.  Of course the Chinese will never believe that. 

Huawei's products, its ability to Sell in America even, will probably be banned one day.  Afterall, if China comes calling, Huawei will have to bend the knee.  They will serve the interests of the Chinese Nation.  Period.   Quick reminder, there are no Tim Cook's in China telling China to fuck off when the government comes calling for a way to crack an Apple password.

You don't think China hasn't already told Apple the Great Government needs a backdoor to its products?  Seriously?  Of course it has.   Otherwise probably wouldn't be allowed to sell there.  You think Tim Cook is eager to publicize that?  And look bad in the he process?

Google...founded by a Russian emigre.
Tim Cook...great defender of privacy.

That's all bullshit folks.  Once their passports get stamped at Luohu.

Google already makes billions in China.  Once a reliable revenue stream is created, the next thing one sees floating down that stream is their Soul, and any semblance of what they stood for before they became rich and famous.

Anyway....me doth digress too much.

To the Chinese, whether Huawei's CFO is guilty of a crime is really beside the point. Do you think one will be reading an investigative expose within the Heavenly Kingdom sometime on this subject?

Let's not forget thanks to Snowden we now know the American's were on the cusp of being able to read the emails of Huawei senior executives.  What Huawei was probably doing America had already nearly accomplished. 

I guarantee you if the Huawei CFO is extradited to America, China will take a hostage.  Probably more than one.  The charge will be "trumped up", but what does one expect?  Then perhaps after America has squeezed every bit of intel from her, she will be released in a trade.  In the interim, expect trade with China to simply spiral downward.

No self respecting leader, either Chinese or American, is gonna sign anything while looking weak.

And now it seems like Meng Wanzhou has been granted bail. 

And suddenly the Chinese will be learning all about "due process" and "bail".

Concepts not entirely fit for the "Chinese condition".

The judge in this case was fairly naive.  If she skips bail, the Chinese government will simply reimburse those who put up the money.   What was impressive is the open support of the Chinese community for her.  Vancouver is truly a Chinese city.   Not sure if she could have obtained such support in America.

Anyway, I expect Meng Wanzhou to flee Canada.  All she needs to do is board a diplomatic plane.

Canada will then have to decide just whose bitch it's gonna be?  America or China's?


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