So now what do we do?

Trump, for the Love of God, is President of these here American States.

Oh, he didn't win the vote.  Let's not forget that.  But he DID win the Electoral College.

Let me explain a bit to my readers in Morocco and Bahrain what the hell an Electoral College is.

This two sentence explanation will suffice:

The EC was designed to keep "crazies"(my word) from becoming President.  It was specifically designed to keep a Hitler from becoming Supreme Leader.  It was also designed to ensure smaller states were still important enough to not be ignored.

Well, yeah, that was actually three sentences.

The irony of course is that The Crazy we tried to avoid was elected President. 

And in a sick sort of way, maybe that is a good thing for America, and probably not so good for China(in a moment, please).

The American Democratic Party has only "lost" one election by popular vote since 1992.

One.  Just One.

That was 2004, and it was in the middle of a war.(support your President!)
So in effect, for the next 4 years, we will once again in America be ruled by minority rule.  Hijacked by a minority party that has not won the popular vote but once in a generation.

The Electoral College magnifies the importance of smaller states.   If the Electoral College was not in existence, the candidates of the Presidency would probably only visit 5 states per election and ignore everyone else.  Not good. 

Thus the EC.

If any other Democratic Candidate had won the nomination, that person probably would've won the election.  Alas, the Democratic bosses conspired to keep all candidates out.  It was HRC or bust.  So bust we went.

I think Trump for one, will be a moderate President. I really do. 

Still the Republican leaders(the Bush Dynasty) did not endorse him, and did not even vote for him as President.   It's funny to see how HRC had EVERYONE out campaigning for her and Trump no one, and he still won

I think it will be good for a change to have a real bonafide businessman in office.  Just to see what he can do, and for us as a nation to understand the limits of "negotiation". 

Like Japan in the 80’s, China isn't going to just “sit down and negotiate” with the United States.   Sitting down over vodka and a sumptuous meal ala Nixon and Brezhnev just doesn’t happen anymore.   Nameless bureaucrats with no accountability(on both sides) carry all the water.   The leaders just waltz in and sign whatever was negotiated.  So what will Trump do?

As for Free Trade, I think it will be very, very interesting to see how Trump tries to renegotiate all these treaties America has with the world.  NAFTA for sure, but also the one sided South Korean-American trade deal, which has cost America jobs while blowing up the US trade imbalance with South Korea.

It will be scary to see how Trump uses the threat of American military force with China when he doesn't get his way.  In a way, Trump is the "anti-Obama".   He's not gonna be overly "civil" and he's not gonna be overly "nice", and therein lies the rub.

Obama is just too suave and sophisticated for his own good.  He was all velvet glove and no fist.  Trump is a bonafide loose cannon as well as a bomb thrower. 

When he doesn’t get his way he will kick and scream like a 5 year old.  He totally lacks the subtlety and well honed intellectual demeanor of Obama.  Trump is an MMA fighter in a pinstripe suit.  

And he will turn on you in a second.  Putin thinks he will toy with Trump.  And honestly speaking, he very well may.    Obama is a notoriously hard working President.  Up every night into the wee hours of the morning working.   You think Trump is gonna do that?  The only thing about Trump is that he won’t be able to “score” with the babes anymore like he used too.   The White House is gonna seriously crimp his style.  

But Trump will be a man with no loyalties.   Once Putin doesn’t let Trump simply get what he wants, Trump will go into crybaby mode.  Trump will be Putin’s friend only as for long he can use him. 

And that brings me to China.  To Xi Jinping.  Mr. Xi probably is breathing a serious sigh of relief that HRC got shot down. (keep in mind she did WIN the election)  But if that is the case, than he’s forgotten the monster we know is the monster we can deal with.  Trump cannot be predicted.  He cannot be controlled, he cannot be manipulated. 

 Can Xi deal with that? 
 The decision that comes next that will tell us much is who will he nominate for Secretary of State?

I read somewhere today that the results of this election can be boiled down into one sentence:  The People for the sake of Change were simply willing to overlook all of Trumps faults.  His pomposity, his drama, his willingness to appeal to the most base and evil instincts we all have, could only have worked if ONE America is truly as uneducated and unsophisticated as a People as think, or TWO, the American People are simply desperate.  So fucking desperate that they simply don’t care what happens to them, or this country anymore, if they are not going to be able to share in any future prosperity that takes place.

Trump brought out the ugliness that lies within many an American.   He did so with neither shame nor hint of guilt.   And 49% of all Americans bought it.  Themselves with neither a glint of hesitation nor embarrassment.  

“Let the World laugh at us.  We don’t care. We are desperate.  We don’t wish for the world to be better off if it is at our expense.” 

I am concerned China will think Trump weak.  To me, he is nothing if not another brash New Yorker surrounded by sycophants, comfortable within the spotlight and lonely without it.   Challenge him? 

He’ll simply stop having press conferences.  He doesn’t care what the Press thinks.  Their just another Elite to him.  And the Masses will nod in unison. 

Of course Trump will only last one term. Right? 


  1. Fletcher, I'm a chinese citizen living in Morocco. Regular reader of your blog. Hello!

  2. Replies
    1. I am a CCP cadre wishing to put you behind bars for your rants. Jokes beside, in real life I'm working with a Chinese Construction company building power plants in Morocco.

    2. Gotta love it when the Cadres have a sense of humor! Oh God, please don't put me in a Moroccan jail. Are you able to freely surf porn there? That's the real reason you went overseas, right?


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