This is getting out of hand

The dual between the VPN world and China continues.  I won the first quarter and than got my head handed to me on a platter afterwards.

I'll be trying another VPN shortly.  It's a struggle.  Meanwhile my customers wonder why the factory I partner with has all this investment in all these nice machines and than none of them can get online to do anything.  It's embarrassing.  I just can't explain it away.

And even if we can, it's a plodder's dilemma.  I have the mobile package that allows me to get either 1 or 2gb(I forget), of data per month for 100 rmb. Great deal right?  Until one realizes I'm stuck on a 3g network(with Chinese characteristics!), and still can't get on line as easily as I'd like.

What's the point of even having internet?

It's on my list to discuss the lack of infrastructural development I'd love to see, and internet is one of them.   Having a vpn isn't a panacea for one's blogging efforts if the speed isn't there.  And I just don't think China is that interested in improving things.

Maybe someday they'd allow foreign competition in this framework.

New fly zone in the East China Sea...interesting stuff.   Very provocative.   The USA sends 2 B-52's right through it.  Wow.

Do you think China will allow that on a daily basis?   What if word gets out to the general public.

"Daily incursions into Chinese airspace!  We must guard and protect against our national sovereignty!!!"

Yet another reason to slow down on the internet side, I guess. I've got tons to say abt this.  (it's coming)

Someone is painting themselves into a corner.


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